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  1. presentation is key, the knives must look good aswell as the packaging to make yourself look more professional when your trying to sell your product. try hunting stores, and gun stores, otherwise set up a website and sell knives there, ask the gun shop to display a leaflet in there window and sooner or later word will get around
  2. actually i own alot of knuckle dusters. and ive found that oval holes are alot more comfortable than circle holes
  3. i`d just go for a plain and simple design. erm something this shape but obviously without the detail cos that would be hard too pull off
  4. nice knife and nice trophey
  5. AMAZING.....proberbly the best ive seen on the fourm.
  6. CONGRATS this is real art you have talent
  7. love it have you considered painting the sheath/scabbard black to match the handle would look extemely awesome then
  8. its brilliant.........only one thing that i might add tho is sort of a peice of metal at the end of the wood too stop the wood wearing out over the years when being slammed on the floor
  9. you done that axe yet lol?

  10. this is actually awsome and really creative.well done man
  11. Hutton

    War Mallet

    brilliant,i like this type of stuff
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