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    Smithing, smeltin, airgunning.
  1. It really is L-spine. I start with drill and tungsten carbide drill bitts and continued to lot of file work. Orginally it was supposed to be T-spine, but tose cracks wont disappear, so maybe next is T-spine and more curved.
  2. It is for stabbing, not a crowbar. Casting mold filled with ss 316l drill chips and heated up before pour.
  3. Pishqabz 311mm Blade: 188/38mm 5,5/3mm Wootz. Handle: Moosehorn, Brass, Mosaic pins, Moonstone, Padouk. One way how to attach the handle to the blade. Fit parts and fill with epoxy. Janne Kruunari Finlad
  4. Moro! Few of my Wootz things waiting a new owner, more info on my Blog. http://pajauttelu.blogspot.fi/p/blog-page_28.html Br. Janne Kruunari aka Kutvonen aka Jandaus Rahnasto
  5. Sorry, but these hand rails in not mines, it is random pic from guns.ru forums. Janne
  6. I have oven like this http://dendrite-steel.narod.ru/stat-ramir-2.htm ,use translate. Coal, charcoal, coke, antrasite, wood chops, mixed or plain fuel working. My favorit is coke/charcoal mix. http://pajauttelu.blogspot.fi/2011/01/omat-sopat.html Janne
  7. Puukon Historia: Anssi Ruusuvuori ISBN: 978-952-5026-93-1 . Pages 69-70, indicates the following, seath 216mm, curved back blade lenght 98mm, width 13,3mm. Not so thin 5,7mm and 10mm before tip it is 3,5mm... Item: Inari´s Puukko 1050-1150 (KM 8082, Kansallismuseo) http://www.samimuseum.fi/anaras/historia/historia.html there is mentioned Inari´s Puukko. (Finnish text) Janne edit. Must say Great book(s) and wonderfull work from Anssi, something to know Puukko´s history you need these books. Translating is on progress Puukon historia ISBN: 978-952-5026-93-1 Puukon historia 2 ISBN: 978-952-5877-20-5 Some info http://nordiskaknivar.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/anssi-ruusuvuori-puukkoseppa-historian-and-author/#comments
  8. Hi. It's 15N20 or some HSS(W18%)? Try sparks, red no sparky it is HSS. Little acid, 15N20, you know, bright. But allmost everycase it is 15N20. Janne
  9. Two moon´s and billions of stars. Glassy universe pic. Jandaus
  10. Hi Too much heat, I think. Happened me couple of times, when forget piece in forge, too long time. Too hot and too much force, bad for old files, with high carbon content. Nowadays using allmost same metods than wootz, a bit higer temps, 1000-1100C max. Correct me if I´am wrong. Janne.
  11. Even I'am sober, nearly shi* my pants when look those watery patterns. Niko how did you make those own images with dendrites . Absolutely nice work again, very encouraging for me, Thanks.
  12. OT. Jan, jokke. Kruunari are title for person Who worked for the king. Kruunari mesured and "stamp" with King´s die, different kind things, weight scales, tar barrels, wooden and tin plate measuring cups.... King need taxes and booking is important for counting and collecting taxes And Who want pay tithes more than you need even nowadays. everybody will try to fool kruunari in many different ways. Janne Kruunari ps. Here are 22 people who will have the last name Kruunari, and it is protected name.
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