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  1. Phil Ullrich

    Ben Potter fighter

    Selling my Ben Potter fighter. Pic from his site. $215 through paypal shipped US. 11 overall6 1/2" double edged blade in 1095Indian Rosewood grips.Steel Pins
  2. Phil Ullrich

    The wolf seax

    Real good, George! ,
  3. Thanks for your work on this and the report, James!
  4. Phil Ullrich

    Sword - Petersen type C

    Well done, Kris!
  5. Phil Ullrich

    Messer 2.0

    Nice! To allow the guard to slide up the tang is it split in the section where the nagel hole is placed?
  6. Phil Ullrich

    Making a Scabbard With a Veneer Core

    Excellent! Does that model aircraft wood work well for sword-sized scabbards?
  7. Phil Ullrich

    Photos from an Elk hunt

    Looks like great times, thanks for sharing!
  8. Phil Ullrich

    Broken back style sax sheaths: fittings, stitchings and suspension

    Thanks for info and pics! Not much information on suspensions then
  9. Phil Ullrich

    UlfsmóðR - The Wrath of the Wolf

    Well done! So many great details
  10. Phil Ullrich

    Two seaxes

    Very nice work!
  11. If you happen to want to sell those bare blades think about posting here, please!
  12. Phil Ullrich

    SOLD Pattern-welded Seax

    Glad you like it Stephen. It was sold off another forum and I never updated here, sorry about that.
  13. Phil Ullrich

    WIP: Langes Messer

    Love it!
  14. Phil Ullrich

    Camp Chopper

    Very nice, looks effective. What are the dimensions
  15. These things are at Hill St antiques in Red Wing, MN. The Peter Wright anvil is 250#, others smaller. Not my shop or anyone I know just thought possibly something interesting to someone here.