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  1. Hmm. Perhaps we should define machine? Some people would say any mechanical tool that uses energy to perform a task is a machine. In which case, the line people seem to be drawing is about where the energy comes from. For example, a hand cranked tool, such as a hand drill, is still a machine by most accounts. Compare that to an electric drill. The difference is that the energy of a hand drill is provided by the user, where there energy for the electric drill is provided by batteries or the power station. The smith still pays for the energy, whether paying for food to get the energy in o
  2. Thanks for the responses, and appreciate all the really great information. I suppose my biggest concern is similar to Gary's, in that non-smiths will watch the show and believe what he says, which unfortunately perpetuates these old wives tales for yet another generation. Then, of course, these same people will go to the fair (or a faire), and meet some real smiths, then offer to share some tips and tricks or let them know some of the things they are doing "wrong"; all the things they they learned on shows like this one. I suppose there is the slight possibility that hes spreading misinforma
  3. Yeah, He seems nice enough, and while I am not a fan of Duck Dynasty, I have seen a couple episodes and can see the correlations. I was a little sad at how little of the forging and actual metal work they show, but figured maybe since he does the same stuff over and over they decided it would be best to only show a little each time, though I wish they wouldn't fill the rest of the episode with cliches and drama. Although, is it just me or did that cable damascus blade look pretty rough? It seemed to have a lot of pits/inclusions/voids. Was that because he only uses hand tools? I dunno, I j
  4. Has anyone seen this show? I've watched the first four episodes and already I am really confused. In episode 2 he claimed that old steel, such as you would find from old leaf springs is "better" than modern steels for knifemaking as they didn't contain alloys and were higher in manganese, etc. I know they are typically good steel, but "better"? I was under the impression that older steels such as those made from the bessemer process tended to have higher impurities (esp phosphorus), and were often still alloys as they contained things like chromium to help prevent rusting (eg 5160). In e
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