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  1. I would hook green-ground, white - neutral, black-hot. That should be a safe starting place. You shouldn't need the other wires to make that work with a simple switch.
  2. That is, to my taste, the best knife I have seen in a long time. Very well done, sir!
  3. Can a curved piece not be straightened to fit your needs?
  4. Very nice. Cool hat as well...
  5. Another solution that won't need welding is to take a piece of leaf spring and cut a piece long enough for the cutoff/top part and the shaft. Then take your angle grinder and cut a rectangular piece off each side of the shaft, leaving enough material in the center to fit DIAGONALLY in your hardy hole. I maybe haven't explained this very well but you should end up with a "T" shaped tool with a thick top that sits flat on your anvil with the shaft in the hardy hole. I made my first cutoff like this and it worked pretty well. If you forge your bevels in the top this will give you a bit of a curv
  6. I was able to go to Branson this past weekend. Had a nice time and was able to learn a lot. Thanks to those people who put on the show and those who demonstrated. Had never been around other knife makers before and was nice to see that they are a very friendly and helpful group. Also was lucky to meet Aldo Bruno, a straight up guy with a great sense of humor. Luke Roberts Mountain Home, AR
  7. It looks to me like your switch is not wired to interrupt the circuit. It is true that a breaker acts like a switch, but where it breaks a circuit is between the bus and the poles, not between the poles themselves. I don't know if I explained that clearly...if you compare a breaker to a single pole light switch the bus (the part of the box the breaker snaps into) would be like one screw and the connection(s) on the outside (or in your case the bottom)would be like the the other screw. Looking at your picture, if you were to take the nuts off those wires and connect the 2 hot wires from you
  8. Similar jig here: http://knifenetwork.com/forum/showthread.php?t=43479&highlight=drilling
  9. I have been vacuuming water out of my basement every couple hours for almost 3 days
  10. It is much the same here in Baxter County Arkansas.
  11. Very nice. I know it can be a little intimidating to post your work here, but you seem to be doing great.
  12. Woodz


    Impressive, as usual. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Thanks for the recommendations!
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