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  1. Rob Hudson's birthday came up on my facebook the other day and I was wondering if anyone had any info on his health or whereabouts. Daniel
  2. I recently completed a McDonald rolling mill and thought I would share my solution to the lower camshaft problem. I didn't have the facilities to turn an offset cam and didn't want to spend the money quoted by my local machinist so this is what I came up with. I simply added a large amount of material to the shafting with a mig welder and hand ground the cam out of it. This required that the saddle for the thrust bar be modified to ride on the shaft on both sides of the cam instead of the cam itself. The following pictures are of the cam shaft and the saddle configuration.
  3. S.Cruse....I believe the dragon steel is made by Pierre Reveardy. He used a wire EDM to cut a two blocks of steel and then switched out the parts and welded them back together. This provided both a positive and a negative block Daniel
  4. In my experience and research 4140 dose not do well with differential heat treating and for best results can only be heat treated once. When heat treated more than once it tends to have a mottled surface hardness. My 2cents Daniel
  5. We use felt wheels to back sanding belts at work. They provide the ability to shape the wheel and a very aggressive cutting action.
  6. You might want to life that leaf up a little. Put some curves in it. Look good to start. Daniel
  7. Why do the bars run straight down the blade instead of bending with the curve of the blade?
  8. I too have a Grizzley and for the price it has performed quite well.
  9. Brandon, Finding the gear box is not really the problem. The recommended RPM is 20-25 so to use a 60:1 reducer I would need a 1200 rpm motor. These seem to be hard to find, especially in 1ph 110v TEFC. What did you use for a motor?
  10. I am currently building a MacDonald Rolling Mill and I am having a hard time finding a motor and speed reducer combo that will work. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to get one? Thanks Daniel
  11. I would recommend Mark Asprey's books on the fundamentals of blacksmithing. http://www.markaspery.com/School_of_Blacksmithing/Book_1.html. These are the best illustrated and complete books of their kind.They are pricey because they are self published but well worth it. I have found that there are people who can do and people who can teach and rarely those who can do both.Mark Asprey is one of these and his books reflect that.
  12. What is the purchase price of the separator? Daniel
  13. danpiotte


    I have something of the same problem.I wonder, from your description, if the problem is not focus on the thing your doing but the impulsive behavior to go on to something else. Your phrase " I can't help but follow these temporary passions" would seem indicative of an impulse control issue. The mention of these " temporary passions" occurring in cycles could also be significant.Do you have any cyclical mood problems? I am only going on what I have lived with and what you have posted. That being said, have you considered the possibility of an underlying condition? Daniel
  14. Thank you all. Knowing the caliber of the people giving the praise makes it that much more valuable. C Craft....I had good teachers and 20 years or so of metal working/blacksmithing to shorten the learning curve. BC Rob....I don't actually have pics of 3,2,1, but I still have them so I will try to post them. J.D.....They have been great teachers. Both are generous with their time and knowledge. I hope to run into you at Zack's sometime. The other interesting thing is this was a commission. I learned a great deal about client interaction and client specific design. I also learned a most important lesson...SET THE PRICE UP FRONT AND DON'T UNDRSELL YOURSELF....a hard lesson. Thanks again Daniel
  15. Here is the first knife I've felt comfortable posting here. It is my fourth all together. A big thank you to Zack Jonas and Tom (Massart) Ward for all their help and instruction. Specs Blade Steel: 1095 Blade Length : 3.5in Handle Mat.: Circassian Walnut Guard: 416 Stainless and Brass And some in process pics This forum has been a great inspiration to me and a wonderful source of knowledge. Thanks to everyone Daniel
  16. I would look for a trepanning cutter with carbide inserts as long as the material wasn't to thick. Daniel Something like this http://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/05124854
  17. I have a block of granite counter top epoxied to my platen. Hot a great deal of use but has held up well so far. Daniel
  18. Was there ever an answer to this mystery? Daniel
  19. I've seen others put their propane bottles in a tub of liquid water to keep it warm. Might help. Don't know. Daniel
  20. I have a 4x4x12 block of D2 that I use for an anvil ( on top of my anvil). I'm a toolmaker and have access to the heat treating equipment at work. To HT a piece of D2 that size is virtually impossible without a well controlled furnace. D2 needs a long soak at temperature to harden properly. I usually go with an hour per inch of cross section with an hour minimum. So for the above size I would leave it to soak for 4 hours. It needs to cool in still air and then temper for another 4 hours. I'm stunned that the 4140 didn't crack with the Superquench. As to only HTing the face, 4140 doesn't regionally heat treat well. It tends to crack and reheat treating 4140 tends to give a mottled hardness. Daniel
  21. I have used hydrogen peroxide with a couple of drops of muriatic acid. On sandblasted surfaces you can watch it rust in less than a minute. Daniel
  22. Do the red spacers only go part way up the handle? Very clean work. Daniel
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