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  1. Hopefully if you didn't get to bored reading that overly long title then maybe you can bear with me a little longer So on the one hand this project is going well and I am planning on it being the center piece for an upcoming show, on the other hand I have the flu which sucks and I am currently home bound for a couple of days. Several months ago I came across Manuel Quiroga's work with this hunter he did. I was immediately entranced with the pattern and decided to give it a shot. http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php/1123605-Multi-twisted-jellyroll-damascus-hunter This
  2. Good luck Michael! I'll being playing close attention to this one!
  3. Dave, That sounds like an awesome place, wish I had something like that around here. I did find a marathon motor at 1.5 HP for around $230 or so brand new and I think that is my best bet at this time. I know I also have to build a guard as well. The guard will definitely be my first project and then monkeying with the motor. From that wobble with the babbitt do you think I should re babbitt it or just leave it be for now?
  4. I found an affordable 1 1/2 HP motor at 1800 rpms would you recommend that instead of the older 3/4? I have a 5 HP sitting in the shop (can't remeber the rpms off hand) but I thought that would be overkill on a hammer this size, what do you think?
  5. Thanks for the helpful info guys, right now it has a 3/4 hp motor but it does seem to certainly have a heavy hit, should I get the new motor more in the 2 hp range?
  6. So I am finally moving on to having a forge assistant and not having to hand forge all of my billets. I found a 50 lb little giant about an hour away at a reasonable price and wanted some opinions on it. When I learned about blacksmithing I initially used a self contained air hammer with a 250 lb head, so I am not unfamiliar with the use of bigger hammers but I have never owned or worked on one. I've been looking at the little giant site and reading the various threads on them, it's starting to make some sense but I would love some help or a point in the right direction. The seller sent m
  7. I like this one a lot Nate Nice job!
  8. Thanks for all of the kind words everyone! My next "big" post won't probably be for another month which is when my biggest trade show will be happening, but I have an extra special project I am working on which may become a detailed WIP thread if anyone is interested.
  9. So I haven't completely fallen off the face of the earth, I haven't had much time to do things online in quite a while other than the odd Facebook update. One of the main reasons for this has been my family has been reduced to one car temporarily and doing all of the driving has deeply cut into shop time, on top of that I have added a temporary fabrication job to my full time knife making business during my busiest time of the year. At 80 hours per week now I'm starting to feel the wear, but it will certainly pay off come March All that being said time for some pictures: This past Nov
  10. This knife is one I recently finished and am putting up for sale before the holidays. This knife is very lively in the hand and an excellent chopper, the hamon is very bright and has a fair amount of character as well. Please PM any questions. Specs: Steel: 1084 with hamon Blade Length: 11 inches Handle: 5 1/4 inches (inside) 5 3/4 (to the tip) Blade width: 2 inches Handle material: Stabilized Claro Walnut Guard: Scrapmascus of old viking sword and broken knives Asking price: $650 Accepted payments: PayPal or M.O.
  11. Thank you everyone for your patience I just finished the knife not to long ago and sent it off to Scott Roush to photograph and he did a great job. Let me know what you all think. I ended up trying a smaller fold formed copper inlay than I normally use and liked the more subtle touch it added to the sheath.
  12. So this past week has been very frustrating and full of set backs. I have been working with W2 recently and this week I lost five blades to the quench which hasn't happened to me in years. One of the blades was a large harpoon point bowie, so I got back on the horse and made another one in the same profile. At this point the knife is all together but still needs some final adjustments before I make the sheath. This is my first knife of any kind to have a pattern welded guard and man was that a learning experience, but over all I am pleased with the lines and feel of the knife. I only had time
  13. That turned out great James! I think it looks a lot nicer than mine did:) I'd still be happy to do a WIP I have four rings I'm about to start in about a week, so if you guys still want me to do one I could. Love the ring James!
  14. Hello all, it has been a while since I have posted anything getting married can make one busy But I have been developing a new production line I wanted to show and get opinions on. I will be posting all of the new knives and versions on this thread so as to not inundate you guys with pictures of knives that are too similar. When I was initially designing this knife I wanted it to be tough and efficient, but still small enough for everyday use, so no more than a 4 inch blade. Ultimately I plan on having a 4 inch blade model, 3 inch blade model, and an ultra light version of each. The first pro
  15. Thanks Dennis, you should definitely try making them, when they work they are a blast
  16. Thanks everyone I would be more then happy to do a WIP for my method and share what little I know about it.
  17. When I became engaged a year and a half ago I had every intention of making my wedding rings, little did I know what a challenge it would be. I wanted them to be pattern welded steel with a gold inlay like J. Arthur Loose's rings, I thought it should be relatively simple to do, but man was I wrong... It ended up taking me seven rings to get them right (seven busted rings) but as of yesterday I finally got them down. After ruining a bit of gold (saved and remelted down) I decided to go with bronze as I have always been fond of that metal. Also because the pattern weld was not stainless it neede
  18. Nice one Nate It was a great little knife to hold and definitely a wicked shanker
  19. This is one I recently finished that has a ton of character. This knife was hand forged from 1084 and clay quenched to achieve a hamon. Specs: Steel: 1084 hand forged Blade: 7 1/2 inches long Width: 1 3/4 inches Overall Length: 13 inches long Thickness at ricasso: 1/4 inch Handle: 5 3/4 inches Handle material: Museum grade desert ironwood burl Guard: textured wrought iron and bronze Sheath: Raw hide and veg tanned leather with brass rivets and copper concho First I'll take it gets it. PM for questions. Accepted payments: PayPal, MO Price: $1200 USD + shipping
  20. Thanks everyone! John, it definitely helps when you have a shop to go to and nothing else to fill your time with
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