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  1. Here is a new one I just finished up today, this one was a fun build that everything just went well on. I actually forged this blade at Dave Dellagardelle's shop last weekend and he was kind enough to give me the piece of wood that became the handle. He had gotten it from Andy Davis who told me is was a museum grade desert ironwood burl and it is a gorgeous piece! I decided to go very rustic on this knife, but I believe to do the rustic look properly it also has to be very clean and I think I was able to get that balance on this knife. Specs: Steel: 1084 hand forged Blade: 8 1/2 inch
  2. As sad as I am to see it go, the camp chopper is now available for sale. Since I have my wedding in less then a month hopefully this knife will sell quickly This blade was had forged with a center core of 700 layer pattern weld of 1084/1095/15n20, the two outer cores are 15n20 and W2. The guard has a copper shield and the main guard is textured bronze. The handle has copper and leather spacers with curly maple and a stainless steel pin. The sheath features a fold formed copper inlay. Overall Length: 12 1/2 inches Blade length: 7 1/2 inches Handle length: 5 inches Blade Width: 1 3/4 in
  3. Thanks Luke! This project was a blast to make,
  4. I lucked out on lighting at the end of the day and was able to snap some good photos showcasing the new camp chopper.
  5. Okay so today was about finishing the handle and making the sheath. I ended up adding a pin (not recommended to ever do at this stage, but if you are careful you can do it.) and I finalized the finish on the handle. First the sheath: I decided I would do another fold form copper inlay so I started with a 12 inch x 4 inch sheet of 1/16 copper. This part is always fun because you can just go crazy with texture development. Once it is as textured and folded as I thought looked good I covered it in a thin layer of sulphur dioxide and exposed it to heat for about 30 seconds. This is the res
  6. Haha no worries I chose "The Bookman's Tale" it's an excellent read if you have not read it yet.
  7. Thanks guys, and yes Wes book club...anyone who knows me in person knows that I am a fanatic about reading and I had picked the book this month so was hosting and needed clean chairs for everyone to sit
  8. Thanks for the comments everyone. Today was mostly about fitting the guard and would have taken up most of the day except I could sleep last night (up at 3:30 am) and so I was done fitting it by 7:30 Thankfully though I was using bronze which is so wonderfully soft and not as much of a pain as filing stainless. I started with a 1/2 inch bar and cut away the excess then I started fitting it. Initial fit: Getting closer: And when I'm just under 1/16 inch away I stop and start to make the shield. In this case it was textured copper: I then "strippled" The
  9. Jerrod, to answer your question about the W2 I have two answers actually. The first being it is the dimensions that I had left over from another project and secondly because the starting billet was only 3 inches long and 1 inch wide, so it needed the mass to be drawn out into a 9 inch long x 1/4 inch x 1 1/12 inch bar for the knife to be forged from. I chose to have the 15n20 in between to give that bright line of contrast between the PW and the W2. I haven't had any luck with welding stainless yet and I was out of nickel sheet so I opted for the 15n20. I'm also not yet very experienced workin
  10. I have recently been very inspired by the work of Claudio Sobral and his harpoon points in particular, if you haven't seen his work you need to check it out! This recent inspiration resulted in the idea for a "go mai" harpoon point, go mai being five layers (if I have that correct) as opposed to san mai which has three. I had some left over 700 layer PW billet put together from 15N20, 1084, and 1095; I thought this would be the perfect core for this camp chopper and decided to give it a go. Here is the concept drawing: In this drawing the blade is 1 3/4 inches wide and 7/34 inche
  11. This tomahawk was one I did a few weeks ago as a concept piece for the Axe Junkies Facebook group. The idea of this tomahawk was to create a blending of eras between Europe and Native American/ Aboriginal cultures, combining a flint knapped appearance with the pattern welded steel edge done in the interrupted twist pattern. The copper pin does run completely through the head and is peened on both sides, this is decorative, but does not impact the integrity of the tomahawk. Specs: Edge: 2 1/4 inches Head Length: 4 3/4 inches Handle Length: 17 inches Handle Material: Lignum Vitae Ado
  12. I have a simple gentleman's bowie for sale. This was hand forged from 1084 and clayed to achieve a hamon. The handle is a laminate of stabilized snakewood and curly maple, the lamination is secured by three pins that are composed of copper tubing and stainless steel pins. The knife also has a textured copper shield and copper spacer. The knife also includes a basic sheath (right hand draw). Specs: Steel:1084 Blade Length:6 1/2 inches Overall Length: 11 1/2 inches Handle Materials: Snakewood, curly maple, leather spacer, copper, stainless steel. Price: $275 USD with free shippin
  13. Thanks guys and yes mastodon molar can be tricky, this was my first time working with anything mammoth or mastodon. It was stabilized but it sparked a TON when cutting it on a band saw it also had a lot of hard and soft spots which made it tricky to grind. It's also extremely prone to cracking and wanting to fall apart so you do have to be quite careful with it, plus it is pretty expensive! Dennis, I hope she likes it, she doesn't know that she is getting it or that she is getting any sort of gift right now so hopefully it will be a big surprise.
  14. Several months ago I was approached to do a limited edition line of chef's knives for a small company in New York. After much discussion of design they are almost done, all that remains is for the companies logo to be laser etched into the box lids and the logos (their's and mine to be put on the knives). While I was finishing these up I also made another 8 inch chef's knife for my sister as a present for her helping out with my upcoming wedding. All comments and criticisms welcome. Thanks for looking! Specs: Standard model - Overall length: 14 1/2 inches -Blade: 15n20 and 1095 -Ha
  15. Thanks Scott and yes you have a keen eye
  16. Thanks guys, I wish I could get a halfway decent photo of it though but hamons are so tricky to get right. I'm tempted to keep this one for myself it's just so light and solid. On the next one I'm hoping to get more activity in the hamon now that I have somewhat of a feeling for how the W2 responds.
  17. This one had several firsts for me. I was finally able to get my hands on some W2 for the first time and it was mostly a pleasure to work with. I have a piece big enough to get two knives out of and this was my first one. I did an oil quench on this one but will be trying brine on the next. Also this was my first time trying a harpoon point on a knife which I can tell will now be a regular style I will use. The handle is made of curly walnut and curly maple with bronze guard. This is a tough fun little knife, and I look forward to hearing what you all think of it. Thanks for looking.
  18. Thanks Wes! And yes it is! I was constantly having to de0clog my sanding belts and by the end I had a massive pile of yellow dust over everything.
  19. Thanks everyone. Jerrod the pin does go all the way through.
  20. I recently finished up this tomahawk that has a bit of character. I gave it a flint knapped texture in addition to a three bar composite for the edge. The steels are 1084 and 15n20 with a 1018 body. The handle I made out of lignum vitae so it will eventually oxidize a greenish color. Then the handle was just dressed up with some raw hide and feathers. What do you all think? Thanks for looking. Robert
  21. I recently finished this gentleman's bowie forged from a four bar pattern weld of 1084/1095 and 15n20. The guard has a shield of textured copper and the main copper is made of bronze. The handle material is bocote with a leather spacer. The sheath also features inlayed fold formed copper. Specs: OAL: 9.5 inches Blade: 4.75 inches Blade width: 1 1/4 inches Handle: 4.75 inches Price: $525 w/ free shipping in Cont. USA First I'll take it gets it. Please PM me for questions or details. Robert Burns
  22. Okay everyone here are the professional photos I just got back today. Jim sure does beautiful work!
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