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  1. Thanks guys! Joshua I wish it was only a day! But my hope is to have the blade etched tomorrow and ready for the guard which there will be quite a delay on I think. Here are a couple of last photos from today (my wife is away so I can work late into the night ) I wanted to add some metal carving to this blade so that is what I have done. This first side is now all finished to a base 400 grit.
  2. And this post should bring everything up to date. First I forged the tang. My intention is to do this as a take down construction hence why the tang is so long. Now that I have something to hold on to I can cut the billet free from the handle and check the state of the welds. Looks good to me, now to cut the rough lines of the point. (This will allow me to bend the pattern back in line with the flow of the blade.) Now I begin the rough forging: And a quick etch on that corner piece to see some pattern.
  3. Now for the other bars I wanted to have them be a more basic pattern so I about twenty layers and three billets of JR evenly placed throughout. This was then welded together, drawn out and cut for re stacking: Then to add some additional interest, I added .30" W2 in between the layers, this was then drawn out to almost 50 inches of 1/2 inch square bar: I gave these bars a Turkish twist configuration so every other bar twists the opposite direction from the previous one. After bein
  4. Some of you may know this and others not, but each year I like to do some type of Halloween themed knife, and while it may be early on yet in the year, I wanted to make sure it was done in time for this Halloween. A few years back I did my Van Helsing Bowie which was based around several elements of the Van Helsing legends/ stories. This is what I had come up with: Pretty much from the moment I finished the Van Helsing bowie I wanted to do its brother in the style of Dracula. Each time I attempted this project I found my skills lacking for what I wanted the end result to b
  5. Can't wait to see this one come together. Good work Mark.
  6. Welcome Mark! Good to see you posting on here! -Robert Burns
  7. These are my top three: A huge learning experience for me from last February is the La Brea Bowie: One of my personal favorites, a damascus san mai bowie with desert ironwood: And another very challenging build with the Musso Bowie:
  8. Well, unfortunately I will have to say goodbye to my favorite hammer of the past few years. I am relocating my shop from Minnesota to Massachusetts and need to sell this hammer. I have owned and used this hammer for two years in a professional shop setting with no issues, it is in great running shape with only a slight wobble in the clutch, it is very well tuned with tons of control. This is one of the early models so it is on the heavier side I believe Sid said it was 105 years old. -Newer 3 hp motor, runs on 220, has brand new cord and plug. -New flat dies and one original set of drawing d
  9. Thanks everyone for the kind words! Happy holidays!
  10. Great job Matt! My big question be be about the stone setting, is it on both sides? What is the bevel made of? What is the stone? etc.
  11. Very aggressive Gary, looking forward to where this goes.
  12. Thanks guys and yes I did the sheath as well, I also made a bandoleer to carry this sheath as well.
  13. I thought I would share one more of my somewhat recent works. I finished this one back in June but never had it photographed, after asking the customer if they would mind sending it back for photos it can finally be shown. This one is one of my personal favorites with a beautifully chatoyant damascus and awesome ironwood burl for the handle. Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking! -Robert
  14. Thank you everyone for the kind compliments, this was certainly a challenging build and I learned a lot from it, but I am looking forward to not having to do any really big bowies again for a while. I don't know how you sword guys live with the stress of heat treating such big blades!
  15. I don't often post a project on here unless it is really a special one and this one I think qualifies. This is by far the largest knife I have made to date and was a custom order for my take on the historic Musso Bowie, with a couple of exceptions 1) the customer wanted fossil walrus ivory and 2) the sparring bar was to be made of damascus, which presented some notable challenges. Over all the blade is 2 3/4 inches wide and the blade is 14 inches long with the handle adding another 5 3/4 to the overall length. The sheath also had my first inlay of python skin which was interesting to work with
  16. I just finished sorting and grading all of this wrought iron and have decided to offer some of it for sale. At the moment I have around 1200 pounds for sale. This is in all variety of sizes and priced per piece. Each bar within a group does vary slightly so if you are looking for an exact dimension within that range let me know. We are shipping using a flat rate box via USPS so shipping will be $15 whether you get one bar or ten. For larger orders we can figure out bulk shipping and pricing. Bars are divided up into grades (A,B, and C). A grade is the cleanest with C grade being mo
  17. Thanks Nav and Austin! Austin, originally I tried the regular method of wrapping and something looked "off" in that highly subjective way ;P
  18. C Craft, no offense taken at all! I appreciated your thoughtful response. To answer your comment on the copper piece on the lanyard that was very purposefully crafted via a technique called fold forming to create a tubed bead. Joshua, the lines you see in the handle are the grain of the sycamore and the jigging was done using a dremel cut off disk and just starting a bunch of individual cuts.
  19. C Craft, thank you very much for your honest and thoughtful critique. Personally I love the fuller extension back into the handle on the hunting knife, but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. Here are a couple of my thoughts on it. 1) the central section of the guard is in almost all cases the widest point of the knife and therefore if you are using a pouch sheath it allows the knife to get hung up on the leather when going in and out of the sheath. By removing that section of the guard it not only lightens the knife but allows for a better functionality with the sheath. It also does allow
  20. Hello all, I thought I might share a couple of recent projects I have finished and get your opinions on them. The first is a stone washed hunting/ utility knife with spalted sycamore handle and the second is a small kwaiken with bronze scales. Let me know what you think! Thank you in advance for looking. Specs: Hunting Knife: 1095, 6 inch blade, mild steel guard, handle is stabilized sycamore Kwaiken: W2, 3 1/2 inch blade, bronze scales w/ brass rivets, epoxied cord, and copper fold formed bead on the lanyard. -Robert
  21. A recent one I finished in my "relic" series of utility knives. This one was forged from W2 with textured bronze scales. Please send me a direct message if you have any questions. First "I'll take it" gets it. Specs: -Steel: W2 -Blade Length: 3 1/2 inches -Handle Length: 4 1/2 inches - Scales: bronze with brass rivets, wrapping is epoxied artificial sinew with fold formed copper bead on the lanyard. Sheath" Finnish half tan leather with white linen thread Payments: Check, Money Order, and PayPal (buyer pays the fees) -Free shipping within Cont. U.S. Asking price: $275
  22. This knife was done in collaboration between Robert Deker and myself (we met on the season finale of Forged in Fire last year), with Deker making this crazy pattern and then me making the knife. The billet is a version of "go-mai" with the outer jacket being made from pure nickel and wrought, then a layer of 15n20, with a core of twisted crushed Ws. For the guard I did a wrought iron S guard with clam shells. The spacers are bronze and leather with some beautiful fossil walrus ivory. Specs: Steel: (edge) 15n20/1084 Blade Length: 6 1/2 inches Handle length: 5 inches Guard: wrought iron
  23. Well at long last the professional photos have arrived. Here is the finished knife with stingray sheath.
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