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  1. it will be a true edge and yeah i was kinda torn between calling it a combat or bowie knife but it kind of reminds me of rambo and heres some of the progress i made with drawfiling:
  2. overall length is 13 3/4 inches long and 1 1/4 inch wide at its widest point and 1/4 inch thick at the thickest
  3. this is my second knife of the day and its made from 3 inches of a concrete breaker bit (i always thought they were jackhammer bits but was corrected) and i believe its around 1080 and thanks to JD i found a new style of blade to try and i think it came out pretty okay as far as the rough forging is concerned. its currently annealing so i wont have the final forged dimensions for a bit but heres how i did it. let me know what you guys think. (in order of pictures, not sure how to put captions in like on some of the tutorials) 1) rough drawing of blade shape 2)starting material (3 inches lo
  4. thanks for the reassurance but the blade is 9 1/4 long 1 1/4 wide and a about 1/8 inch thick and made of 5160, tang is 1/4 inch wide at its widest and 6 1/2 inch wide
  5. hello all i was in the shop today and found an old attempt at a fuller'd medieval dagger and i hated the look of it so i converted it into a seax and thought you guys y like to see the process or yell at me when im screwing up but anywho here she is 5160 blade is 9 1/4 inch long x 1 1/4 inch wide tang is 6 1/2 inches long (people have been saying im making my handles too small so i went big) and more pics as i get to work on it but let me know what you guys think along the way!
  6. on this knife i got a pretty good and even distal taper...the thickest part is at the tang and tapers to the width of a ruler line but unfortunately i screwed up the handle really badly so im not even going to make the sheath for it...itll be an ok working knife but im going to have to spend a lot more time on my handle making skills for the next knife
  7. i forgot to post a picture of the blade at finished polish if you guys have anything to say about it
  8. thanks for all the critique and info guys its been very helpful! my names rob by the way and ive seen a couple questions about with the guard and that circular piece closer to the guard (thats just a nail head thats acting as a temporary pin) but the guard is stacked nickle brass and i still have about 4 more layers to add on unfortunately the walls of my shop needed repainting so i have been able to work for a few days so hopefully ill have a better picture of what i mean soon! i agree about a slightly more rounded handle so ill be working on that soon....once again thanks for the awesome wel
  9. hey guys im new to the forum and just saying hi! i started my 5th knife last week and wanted to get some criticism/comments on it thus far...its maybe half way done at this point but its made from S-2, blade is about 1 inch wide at the widest and 7.5/8 inches long with over all length of 12 inches, handle is maple and hand guard is (just started) nickel and brass compressed and i think im going to add more detail to the handle what do you guys think? and all questions or comments are welcome. knife progress.bmp
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