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  1. Thanks Don, I just sent the knife and sheath off to Caleb Royer for some professional photos, more to share soon.
  2. Well everyone, after many delays and design changes I have finally finished the knife portion of this project and here it is, fossil walrus with bronze, leather spacers, and wrought iron guard.
  3. My favorite of your work yet. Awesome job Nate!
  4. Austin, beautiful work! I'm glad you chose to use "the funk".
  5. Austin, thank you for taking the time to put together such an excellent tutorial. Very informative.
  6. This is awesome Austin! Thanks for sharing and documenting the process so well.
  7. Very good fit and finish, very good flow and excellent color contrast between the dark handle and the warm copper. Overall I say good work as usual my friend.
  8. Here is one I just finished up. It is one solid piece of low and high layer twist damascus that has been carved and textured to resemble bamboo with a flared brass lanyard hole. The sheath is carved from diver salvaged oak from Lake Superior that is exceptionally dark, with a white linen cord wrap around the throat of the sheath. Specs: Steel: 1084/15n20 Blade is 3.5 inches long and 3/4 inch wide The handle is 4 1/4 inches long Overall length with sheath is 9 1.4 inches long Includes felt lined case Any questions please PM me, shipping is included in price for continental USA,
  9. Thanks for the kind compliments everyone, I know it turned out pretty well in the end. The reason I say it turned out okay is because of what it could have been, so even though it turned into a pretty cool knife it isn't even close to what I wanted for it. But thank you all for the support and encouragement. My next attempt of the integral will hopefully be better.
  10. Sorry for the delay everyone, this project has fought me every single step of the way, in every possible way. It came to the point where I was so unhappy with it that I decided to just finish it simply instead of going for a take down or other complex forms of assembly. It ended up working out fairly well and I am glad to have it done. But hopefully my next attempt will be better. Here is the finished knife as she sits right now before the sheath.
  11. John, it was awesome getting to see and work with you. Thanks for putting up with my silly work methods, love how your ring turned out and the awesome video.
  12. We have a successful weld, at least so far. You never do fully know if a damascus has some small flaw in (or a large one) until it is ground to final thickness and after heat treatment on course. But so far it is looking pretty good. Today was pretty killer in the shop humidity wise so I will keep this post brief and then go lay down for a bit and re-hydrate. The billet at this point it now one solid piece and has been forged on a taper to accommodate the widened front section of the blade. Then the tip is cut off and the edge of the blade bent back to allow the edge to run throu
  13. Thanks John, if all goes well on the final weld tomorrow I'm hoping to bring it next week to show you guys.
  14. Austin, good work I think I have to say this is my second favorite knife that you have made, I think you know which one my favorite is.
  15. Thanks Kevin, it's so easy to have things like this be discouraging, but if was easy to do there wouldn't be much point in learning it right? Here is the most recent update, a minor one but the exciting part is just around the bend. A couple of days ago I added the bar of 1095 to the two twisted W's bars (which unfortunately I forgot to photograph. But today I began work on the edge billet. It is composed of eighteen layers of 1084/15n20 and two pieces of high layer twisted crushed W's spaced equidistant in the billet to add some extra interest. This was then welded and drawn out to 1
  16. Thanks for the comments guys. Sorry to disappoint everyone but since this is a live build things do happen and with this being such a complicated build things are bound to go wrong. In this case today while forging the guard section I ended up forging parts of the guard too thin leaving no room to shape them properly while having them be structurally sound. While disheartening it is a learning experience and thankfully I still have some beautiful steel to make a knife from, so I will just have to give this integral knife thing another shot later on in the summer when I have some more time. Wha
  17. For those wondering here is what a low layer ring can look like, all patterns are beautiful
  18. Thanks Jacob! So today I was able to finish up the first back bar. Here is the progress: Here is the billet from yesterday after having stacked and welded it. When forging on the bias during the initial forging I did not forge it as drastically as I normally do in order to achieve a "softer" W pattern. Really this is just me experimenting with the pattern, since this is a pet project I can play around with patterns a bit more than on a commissioned piece. Then I cut into four pieces, stacked, and welded. I' have been moving towards using less and less flux lately. So while this lo
  19. Okay so the first real update on this build. I can only devote some of my time to this pet project as I still have to finish paying orders, but I hope to have the back bars forged by next week. I started with a twenty layer billet of 1084/15n20 with three layers consisting of 20 layer damascus evenly dispersed throughout the billet. This billet will be twisted crushed W's: Welded together, forged on the bias, and drawn out to a bar: Cut into four pieces and re-stacked: And drawn down to a bar. Later today I will cut this into four pieces, stack, and we
  20. Thanks Wes, much appreciated! It was a very fun build to do and Aboo is an awesome guy who makes some awesome knives.
  21. Thanks for the comments guys, Gabriel the texturing was done using a crabide cutting tool and Rod the steel is 1095
  22. Well this one is a bit different for me, but it was a really fun day project. I have always been inspired by the work of Aboo Pham in Vietnam so the other day I sent him a message asking permission to do something in his style and I think you will be able to see the two styles blended pretty well. This is a beefy little kiridashi at 3 1/2 inches long and with a 1 1/4 blade. But let me know what you think. Thank for looking! -Robert
  23. Beautiful work, looking forward to the videos.
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