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  1. So I received this beautiful piece of steel the other day and had to take a quick picture of it. This has a TON of beautiful activity in it and I will get to forging it in the near future.
  2. Thank you Peter, I'm happy to contribute what little I know to a community that has always helped me.
  3. Thanks Kevin, it's funny you should say that as I just finished 12 puukkos. Right now I'm in the final grind and countdown to one of my biggest shows of the year, Canoecopia, in Madison Wisconsin. It has taken me from the second week of January until now to get ready for it, with this big bowie and about twenty nine other knives. So if you are in the area stop by it would be great to see fellow forum members. But after the show I get to work on a collaboration with our own Deker which is going to be pretty fun so stay tuned!
  4. LOL Joshua, well let's just say I need a couple months to recuperate from the stress that went into this build before I move onto something more complicated or "fun".
  5. Thanks Derrick! I was trying to push myself on this one. It will be a while I think before I do one on this level again.
  6. Thanks guys! John yeah sometimes you just need to go to the professionals to show the knife as it deserves to be shown.
  7. Well here she is in her full glory thanks to the illustrious Caleb Royer!
  8. Fantastic work! I fell in love at first sight.
  9. Thanks Kevin and Joshua, all I can say is this knife has been such a HUGE learning experience for me, only made possible through this awesome community and all of the support it offers.
  10. And finally DONE! Thanks for sticking with me through the build and all of the encouragement along the way. Time to send it off to Caleb to work his magic.
  11. Just a quick small update as this project is nearly done. I only have the bandoleer left to finish today, but so far it is coming along pretty well I think.
  12. Thanks for the positive feedback guys, still a fair amount of work to do with final clean up and the sheath of course, but overall I'm pleased with how it came out and glad it is nearly done.
  13. Well we are finally near the finish line, the knife is now all together (still some minor clean up and the final sharpening to do) but now it is time for the sheath. I was able to make some progress on the sheath today getting the primary tooling done and the front/ back are both dyed. And of course a quick and dirty shot of the knife all together with it's bronze pin. Also once this is fully done I will be sending it off to Caleb Royer to photograph so you won't have to deal with my bad photos anymore. Thank you again for following along and for all of the encouragemen
  14. Thanks everyone!Joshua thank you for the kind words, in regards to the spacer/frame joint that was all Karl Anderson and what he showed me. In regards to the scales you are absolutely correct which is why I still have one more pin to add tomorrow. There will be one exposed domed bronze pin running through the center of the handle. When the scales were dry fit with the pins it required considerable force to separate them probably somewhere in the ten pounds of force range which I feel is pretty good for a dry fit. Then add epoxy and a domed pin connecting it all together and I would bet on it a
  15. Thanks guys! Ben thank you for noticing the different design elements it took me a solid two days to design so I'm glad it is coming together. But on to today's/ yesterday's progress: Time for file work on the frame, for this piece I thought it would be better to go simple so that it doesn't start to get too busy. And after etching and bluing it is on to the dry fit: And then seeing how everything looks together: Then after the bronze sheet finally arrived onto the shield, first to find the middle: Then slotting and fitting the shield: Roughing
  16. Thanks Deker, I have to say I am looking forward to it being done simply so my brain doesn't hurt anymore lol. Here is today's progress. I started off by sanding and polishing the spacer to prepare it for the etch: Etched and gun blued: I will be heat bluing it a little later on to darken up the spacer to match the guard and make the pattern much more subtle. And now for a quick explanation about what you will see int the next photo. 99% of people do not does this, but it is simply what I do and I have a reason for it. Several years ago I was talking to Ray Rybar about an
  17. Thanks fellas I was pretty pleased with this combination and it was a fun pattern to put together. Here is today's progress, small but important. I am still waiting for my bronze sheet to arrive to make the guard shield, but that won't stop me from working on the rest of the guard. Here I am cleaning up the file work post hardening and tempering: Then it was polished, etched, and heat blued: And some pictures showing off some of the chatoyance in the pattern: Tomorrow I will be finishing the spacer and then depending on whether the bronze arrives e
  18. Thanks for the comments guys. Finally I have something interesting to show you all. Dah Dah Dah Dah...! Still one more etch to go and final clean up, but an exciting moment none the less. Now on to polishing and etch the guard.
  19. Yeah finding a flaw always sucks, but I 'd rather find it now than the customer find it later. Unfortunately today ended up being a lot of fiddling which I hate but finally everything is now fitting back to where it should be. And now I have the opportunity to change aspects I wasn't so fond of in the original spacer by tweaking the file work. Still another hour to finish roughing everything out and cleaning it up, but at least it is getting back on track. And onto something new! Sanding! Yay!.... And one side brought up to 400 grit: More to come soon, lots of
  20. Well yesterday was a slightly major back, but I will get to that more later. At this point the knife and hardware are successfully heat treated and on to clean up. But first for a quick test of the knife. A 1 x 6 pine board: And a complimentary arm shaving picture: I also test chop using antler as well, but I was running short on time at the end of the day and skipped the pictures. I'm still not really used to stopping and photographing every step I do for these WIPs so I apologize for some missing photos. Now rewind to earlier in the day. I was very excited that my b
  21. Thanks for all of the comments guys, this is a really fun build and it keeps getting more exciting as I go along. Now I did make one large design change or plan change. I have decided to not do this as a take down. I know I know its lame to change it at this point but when I saw Don Hanson's bowie he just posted I was sold and so I will be doing a hidden pin construction with a single domed pin instead of doing it as a full take down, as my plan for doing it as a take down would have looked to busy and made the flow of the knife feel "clunky". But all of that aside here is today's progress.
  22. Thanks guys! This is one of those builds that stays in your dreams at night, so I am glad others are enjoying it. Here is today's progress: Today involved a lot of file work which, while tedious, I find quite enjoyable. My main goals for the day were to fully fit the guard and to do as much shaping of the guard as possible in the day. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph the first step which was to reduce the arms of guard to their final width and to checker the now proud side of the guard. But following these steps I began the initial scalloping of the clam shells. Afte
  23. Here is the next round of photos: At this point I am now fitting the frame to the tang: Then I move on to fit the spacer and guard. At this point the guard is only partially ground to shape and the spacer has not been shaped at all yet. Hence the big blob in the middle of the handle... Then I start roughing in the shape of the spacer to match the external curve of the mammoth ivory. Then I lay out my scribe lines on the spacer and then use a small cut off wheel in a drill press to begin the cut on each scribe mark. I only just remembered this handy trick so
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