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  1. Thanks for the comments guys! I have to say though I am having an conflict of interest at the moment and it is all because I saw one of Don Hanson's frame handle knives this evening. It is seriously making me question the aesthetic of having the screw hardware on this mammoth ivory. But I seriously want to do a take down...oh what to do! I feel though in my gut that I have to not make this a take down sadly. Still my first frame handle though. So in essence I would replace the screw hardware with hidden pins and a singular bronze pin more like in my original drawing. So what do you think?
  2. Well I thought it was time for another WIP thread unfortunately my last thread was somewhat derailed by a family crisis and I still won't be returning to that knife for sometime, but since this build is somewhat interesting I thought I would share. Each year I exhibit at a trade show called Canoecopia (an event for all things canoe and outdoors) and each year I feel the need to up my game from the previous year. So I was wracking my brain for a suitable center piece that would (hopefully) really stand out. This is what I came up with: I wanted to go BIG literally and figuratively in s
  3. Thanks Emiliano! But this is all Austin I just had to put some steel together. I can't wait to show this off to everyone.
  4. And the winner is our very own Deker!
  5. Okay guys just six hours left until entry is closed and drawing is tomorrow!
  6. Well for being six months in I would certainly qualify this as a success, in general the fit and finish look to be pretty solid and clean. If I were to offer critique it would be one several aspects that would be of refinement, not general structure. Because you are trying to have plunge lines, it would look much cleaner to go in and clean them up. If you are not yet quite confident enough in your grinder skills a round or flat file is a quick and easy way to correct and sharpen up plunge lines. Also just for the sake of aesthetics it appears that the pins are slightly too large and also sligh
  7. Thanks guys I got the sheath finished up yesterday too.
  8. I wasn't sure if this is permissible for this forum so if a moderator thinks it should not be here I will happily take it down. That being said I didn't want to have my fellow forum members miss out on a fun sale. I will be selling the camp chopper I posted about not to long ago on the show and tell forum in the form of a raffle. It starts today and ends on December 24th at midnight (central time). Tickets are just $25 and you get this massive knife plus sheath. Tickets are sold on my website so just private message me to get the link and then each ticket receives a unique six digit serial num
  9. Thanks for the comments everyone hoping to post pictures of it with the sheath done today.
  10. Here is one I am just wrapping up (no pun intended). I had the urge to do one more BIG knife before the year was out and came up with this one. It ended up going together very quickly with only 25 hours in the whole project. But as always comments and criticism are welcome. Thanks for looking! -Robert Hand forged W2 with hamon. Specs: Blade length: 11 1/2 inches long Blade Width: 2 1/4 inches Handle Length: 5 1/2 inches Over all length: 17 inches long Guard: Forged and hot fit 1020 mild steel Handle: Leather/ stainless steel spacers, stabilized buck eye burl with domed stainle
  11. Leif, that is too cool thanks for the additional info, I'm glad my ignorant guess wasn't too far off the mark lol. Joshua, thanks it was definitely one of those pieces that simply flowed from concept to creation which is a rare thing, but I have been learning a lot about different methods of antiquing lately and this bowie definitely pushed those skills.
  12. Joshua, it ended up taking quite a while to get it right and a lot of experiments before it got to where I wanted it to be. I used small amounts of liver of sulfur, windex, and salt water, plus heat. Funny story I had achieved a beautiful and perfect chocolate brown, but when I oiled the handle it turned out they were the same color! So I used some heavy steel wool to strip some of the oxides so that there would be more contrast.
  13. Thanks everyone. Dan, it was simply a style preference that the customer preferred I like it either way.
  14. Well you asked for! So here we go... I find it helpful to mark and check, and double check the bars to make sure they go in the right order. I mixed up one bar recently and man does it suck! First etch of the pattern (and when the customer decided they didn't like it.) The first version of the guard which I scrapped due to voids, different style but it gives and idea of how I do things. All carving with chisels and files. Figuring out wood selection with the new guard. And then a close up on the pattern:
  15. Thanks guys this was a really fun project to work on between combining the carbon fiber and wood, plus using pure nickel in a weld for the first time. If there isn't at least one first in a project what fun is it?
  16. Matt, I have some in progress photos if you guys would like to see them?
  17. Well I had another nice photo from Caleb Royer sent over today that I have been dying to share. I finished this one around Halloween and it was built around the idea of "what would Van Helsing use?" For those unfamiliar Van Helsing is the original slayer of Dracula and was the center of a blockbuster about ten years ago where he battles all sorts of evil creatures. Originally this knife blade was intended for a different blade, but when the customer wasn't quite happy with the pattern of the damascus it became destined for something else. I wanted the channel the vampire hunter vibe into diffe
  18. Yesterday I received a pleasant surprise in my email, a new photograph from Caleb Royer of a knife I finished about a month of so ago and I thought I would share it. This was a fun project for a client over seas where he gave me pretty much full artistic freedom which is a wonderful opportunity. The blade was forged using a go mai type of construction with 400 layer 1095/15n20 for the outside layers, pure nickel, and a core of W2. The handle is carbon fiber and black ash burl with mosaic/ stainless steel pins. Overall the knife ended up being just shy of fifteen inches long so definitely not o
  19. These are the last two of a limited run of bushcraft knives I did last year, I've decided to finally sell them now that I have caught up on orders and wanted to offer an inexpensive knife closer to the holidays. These knives are hand forged 1095 with differential hardening and a sandblasted acid splatter finish. The handle is dyed curly maple with stainless steel pins and some minor jimping on the spine for extra grip. Specs: Blade length: 5 inches Handle length: 5 inches Steel 1095 Sheath included. Price: (Top) $110 (Bottom) $100 (Note one rivet was damaged on the b
  20. Thanks everyone for the kind compliments, perhaps I should put the acetone down... Dan the steel is cupped slightly outward on the edges of the joint, then the liner is press fit and (bezeled?) into place. I basically turning the liner into a partial rivet in essence.
  21. Well my first time using gold in one of these rings anyway. This ring came from a larger knife billet of twisted jelly roll and standard twist with a high layer core, but after making the steel I put this ring together today inside of six hours. I know I still need to post a WIP thread on making these rings, hopefully after the holidays. But I thought I would share this exciting first, even if gold inlays are pretty boring and this inlay is very basic. Thanks for looking. Robert
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