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  1. Awesome work Austin! I can't wait to see mine come to life!
  2. Thanks for the comments guys, this was such a fun project to work on. I'm just wrapping up the sheath now and then Tuesday it goes to Dave for some epic carvings.
  3. While I understand what you mean I can only say that is about my favorite folder that I have EVER seen. If it is available please let me know I would love to have it.
  4. Well here is one of the projects I have been working on instead of that big harpoon bowie. A while back Dave Dellagardelle and I were talking about a potential collaboration on an epic axe project. I just finished up my portion of the project and now it is on to Dave to carve the handle and do the finishing details. This axe head is historically based but then given a bit of a fantasy twist. Here is the axe head that inspired the project: This axe head was made with a wrapped and welded construction. The axe body was forged from 1020 bar stock with starting dimensions of 8" x
  5. Austin, don't worry about it I wasn't offended by what you said and I agree hopefully I can get back to this project relatively soon.
  6. Thanks Austin, everything has gotten back to "normal" but, unfortunately I have to put this project on hold for a while because I have to get back to paid projects. So it will be a while until there are more updates.
  7. Well for the past week I was up in Northern Minnesota as an instructor in residence for the North House Folk School. Essentially that just means I was ale to do public demos and mini-classes for four days. But this was a kind of fun project I did for a demo and thought I would share while I am finishing up the big harpoon bowie. I had some diver salvaged wrought iron and hitachi blue #2 left over from some other projects so I decided to make a small laminated puukko as a gift for a fellow instructor. The handle is made from local birch bark and birch burl with a danish half tan leather sh
  8. John thanks that is much appreciated, we are all doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. On the knife side of things however, - I realized that I forgot to post a couple of pictures from yesterday, so before I take off here is where I am at currently. The handle, bronze spacer, and pattern welded spacer are now fit onto the handle leaving only the main guard left to be fitted which will be done upon my return. Yesterday after getting everything fitted I did the first round of etching on the spacer to see how everything will go together.
  9. Well unfortunately this project will have to be put on hold for a few days as there was a death in the family and I have to travel for the funeral. But after I am back everything should come together fairly quickly. Thanks again for looking at this thread while the work progresses. Robert
  10. Today's progress: The blade is all polished up and hidden away from prying eyes...muhaha! But in all seriousness I forgot to take a photo of the nearly finished blade before putting the wrappings on and didn't want to go to the trouble of unwrapping it. And finally after 16 hours of polishing I cdan finally get back to work on the handle. I start by truing up the flat surface of the carbon fiber side of the handle. See the perpendicular scratches in the lower left corner? All of those need to come out, which did not take as long as I suspected it would working with such
  11. Thanks Emiliano! I am finally making progress on this hamon and it is sure tricky to bring out but it's getting there!
  12. So unfortunately I only have one photo today, I am hoping to have all the polishing and etching done by Monday, but as of today one entire side and the spine are at 1500 grit:
  13. Okay so here is today's progress, nothing too exciting just polishing... endless polishing... Here I have polished the ricasso and clip to a rough 1,000 grit Then up to 1500 And then the spine bevels brought up to 1500 And then just at the very end of the day I started sanding the primary flat of the blade. Only six more faces to go!!.....Why do my fingers hurt so badly???
  14. Thanks for the comments everyone. Austin here is a closer view of the pattern. It was six bars three standard twist of 30 layers and the other three bars were twisted jelly roll bars so much tighter.
  15. So yesterday and today I was able to make some progress on this project. I am glad to report that this time the blade was successfully heat treated and from everything that I can see should have a pretty active hamon. So here is the blade rough ground before heat treat: Starting to go through normalizing cycles: After quenching I began a rough polish to check for the hamon and while I wasn't able to photograph it it was fairly evident at 120 grit. Starting to clean up the spine bevels: Then I took a break to work on the handle materials: I begin by prep
  16. Here is a recent knife I finished (about a month and a half ago) that I had photographed by Caleb Royer and to say the least I am always pleased with his work and how he can capture all of the subtle details in the woods and damascus patterns. I have really been enjoying playing with the twisted jellyroll damascus and believe it to be a highly untapped source of pattern development. That being said this knife is a multibar of alternating standard 30 layer twist with a twisted jelly roll. All comments are welcome and thanks for looking. Specs: Specs: Steel: multibar damascus of standard
  17. Thanks Kevin for the reminder it never hurts I finally made an investment in some Parks 50 so hopefully it should work out better this time.
  18. Okay so after a brief absence I am back to say this project is still going. I had to head up to Grand Marais to teach an ax course for the past week so the knife was put on hold for a bit but it now back on track. Here is the as forged blade with some quick sharpie marking to outline from the original template. I then began to flatten out the ricasso. Then rough grinding the bevels on the edge side of the ricasso. (These will then be trued up with files to get everything nice and straight.) Then I flipped it around and began working on the spine bevels again:
  19. Yeah definitely a bummer, the new blade is now profiled and ready for grinding. On the plus side I am much happier with the hada on this one. Alan, yeah my oil wasn't quenching quite fast enough so I opted for brine, now I have ordered parks 50 so hoping this one should go well.
  20. Update: With this being a "live" work in progress there are always bound to be set back and this is one. While conducting the heat treatment the blade cracked quite severely in several places But I view this as a blessing in disguise because the hada was too prominent in the previous blade for me to be quiet happy with it. Fortunately I still had the other half of the parent bar of 1,200 layer material that this blade was forged from, so I broke this cracked blade into several pieces and stacked it in with the remaining 1,200 layer bar. I then welded this and folded a couple of
  21. Thanks John that's kind of you to say it's only thanks to communities like this that I have learned as much as I have so far so it is only right to share some of that back if it helps anyone.
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