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  1. Thats really cool. Looking forwards to the end result
  2. Thanks for the confirmation Joshua, im glad im Not the only one who prefers a thiner blade. Doug, thank you i really enjoy working with the lower layer patterns. And this one is my favorite so far. Although i think it does make it a bit harder to get good contrast from the etch.
  3. Thanks Kevin. My thoughts too. The blade is 3.7mm thick at the guard with distal taper tip the tip
  4. Thanks so much guys. As i have grown as a maker i find myself more and more trying find the elegance in clean flowing line. Im thrilled that that has come through in the finished product. Gidgee is a really lovely timber. And we are spoilt for choice.
  5. Hi guys i havent posted here in a while. But would like to share my latest. I hope its worth your time to look at. Blade is low layer laddered W's. Brass guard and Ringed Gidgee handle. Blade is 7-1/4" long and the handle is 5-1/4" long. My leather work still needs lots of improvement in my eyes. Not quite sure what to call this knife its not really a bowie because it is too thin and to short.
  6. Im not sure if i have this in the right spot. Does anyone have any experience with O1 and 420ss sanmai? I have successful done 1084 with 416. Just wanted to check if anyone knew of amy problems with the o1 420 combination. Thanks in advance
  7. Robert i really love your style. And I love the you manage to pull off that fighter style handle on a smaller hunter knife. Well done
  8. Wow how did you manage thst in the iron wood? I thought it was to brittle to inlay into. Great knife.
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