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  1. From an addicted Axe-junkie. Well done!
  2. Nate's blade showed up in the mail yesterday. I've been wearing it all day! I had a class today at my forge/garage and I used Nate's knife as a sample of a consummate bladesmith. Only one negative comment from the bunch. A guy felt that it's handle was too small but he had paws the size of the Hulk so take it for what it's worth. I am one lucky guy to know a knifemaker like Nate.
  3. Holy cow KT! You're a sheath-making dynamo......and Wade's no slouch either.
  4. KT asked me to post a photo of a hawk I recently hammered out for him from a ballpien hammer head. Here it is. Hope ya'll like it.
  5. I've found alot of very nice wood on pallets. You can't make anything substantial out of the amount you can scavenge but for handle scales it is a bonanza!
  6. Finished a cleaver for KT. Winter has finally released it's grip and I can actually work in the garage without wearing my Carharts. Forged from a truck leaf spring and handled in curly maple from a scrapped pallet! Buddy at work asked why I was ripping apart an old pallet like a rabid beaver! Now you know. I just love free wood, especially when it's this nice. Now I must get it off to KT so he can work some magic with leather! Sorry for the lousy photo but I am camera poor for the present and am using my crappy cellphone!
  7. Well done...now quit goofing off!
  8. I really am drawn to shapes like this. Will be watching how your knife progresses.
  9. I like the second knife.
  10. Don't sweat the belt grinder thing. I've been making knives for 27 years and have never owned one. Power tools and I don't get along. Look forward to more of your posts.
  11. What a great experience reading your thread. Thanks for sharing
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