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  1. Hi KYBOY! The axe looks really cool, love the design!! And I agree, nice maple!! Never made an axe before, what is the purpose of the leather strap below the axe? For grip or is it used to hold the axe in place?? Tom
  2. Hi all! My latest fixed, full tang knife! Blade made out of tool steel and handle I have no idea...it was found in the pile of discarded wood bits, ! Silver tubed rivets, all held in a leather sheath! Thanks for looking Tom
  3. Hi all!! Im thinking of making a Thracian Falx/Rhomphaia and was wondering if anybody on the site has made one? Researched on the internet but would welcome any additional comments or tips! I understand that the length of the blade varied between 60 to 80cm and the tang measured about 60cm. Curve of the blade also varied from straight to bending inward like a sickle. Any help woukld be greatly appreciated Many thanks, Tom
  4. Good evening all (well it is in wales)! Steel blade with llechwedd slate handles, held together with silver tubed rivets. Hope got the sizes right this time? Thanks for looking, Diolch! Tom
  5. Really beautiful sword with elegant leather work on the handle!! What steel did you use for the blade, guard and pommel? Also, any thoughts of making a sheath? Tom
  6. Cheers cris! Just used photobucket, very handy for re-sizing!! Good one to use, thanks again! Tom
  7. Thanks for the compliment, yeah I used W-1 steel, forged from bar and quenched in oil rather than water. By the way, how do you resize image? Kept it below 2MB. Thanks again, Tom.
  8. Hi all! Im tom, from Wales in the U.K. Been making knives for a few years and I work in a mixed media which I hope to show in my next post! The knife shown here is a comission for a customer and friend. Thanks for looking, diolch yn fawr!!
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