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  1. I certainly intend to come. And I hope to find a corner somewhere to crash for the nights, Owen
  2. Have to second what Ruben just said - my first set also seems to have gone missing, but Mark dispatched another one as soon as I notified him of the long overdye status of the DVDs, and they arrived a week ago. I also agree that digital download seems to be the best option to reduce price and it is not that problematic to have the files burned on DVDs nowedays. I just wish we knew what the heck has happened to the record of the 2nd day of this years event...
  3. Was fantastic experience just to watch it all happen - funny, after just a short time of watching I was unable to stand still, and did some hand-finishing work on the sword I am making at the moment - it was literaly impossible to watch you all at work and just sit by drinking cofee (as event happened each night 9 Pm to 1 Am my time ). Fantastic result and I am sure whoever will manage to guess the correct name of the blade and it's location will have a real treasure in his hands. (BTW, do we have to spell the name in runes or just the regular English will suffice?)
  4. A small update - finished the work on the waxes for the hilt decorations. Waxes on the hilt mock-up (that might yet turn into the hilt proper, who knows...) Closer look on one of the parts.
  5. Wow! Really nice work, would be interesting to handle it...
  6. Still waiting for my set to arrive, got the message they have been sent on March 28th, so I guess it will be at least a couple more weeks till they cross the Atlantic.
  7. As a part of creation of replica of entire set of equipment from Valsgarde 8 burial in Uppland, Sweden, I am currently working on the sword. Blade is a somewhat reworked "moat sale" blade from Albion swords, that, I believe, started it's life as a roman spatha blade but was deemed imperfect for some reason. Many thanks to Peter Johnsson for advice about reworking the profile so it would be apropriate for a Vendel period sword - the advice prooved to be invalluable. This is how it looks so far - pommel cap and ring waxes done, work on waxes for the handle part is underway, work on the bla
  8. Christopher, I just left the downloads active overnight and in the morning all was done, I guess it depends on your ISP, and mine isn't all that fast.
  9. Ordered as well, now waiting for the download to become avaliable... aand.. the download is underway! Got to say that while it took so long to get everything sorted out with the publishing, it is nice to see that everything seems to be working allright on the distribution end. Many thanks for all the effort you have put into this project, Dave! And, hopefully, after this years event it will take less time for publishing work, as the road have been scouted out already.
  10. I wish I could draw half as well! Very nice designs overall, you certainly are in the process of forming your own style of sword design, combining elements from various cultures.
  11. Finally! The site was long overdue and it is really good to see it done as finelly as it was.
  12. I fully believe that nowedays Philipines might be dooing that - large knives beeing dirt cheap and easilly replaciable. I kinda doubt that a vikign would risk a thin blade of a seax that wy, instead of a carving chissel of some sort...
  13. Ouch those clips... gotta love when the "blacksmiths" do the forging - one taps with the markr on the piece of iron they are beating, and other one whacks with sledgehammer in another spot entirely Or a scene where they are building a "ship" (I am yet to see a viking ship with that hull shape...) where somebody is using a wodden malet and sax to carve a ship figurehead. And the one on Harald Haradrada.. I am literary speechless on that one. Of all the idiotic things one can do, why did they had to add foam LARP weapons into the scene? Not that it makes it any less accurate, of course, but st
  14. If this clip is anything to judge by, then it shows only one thing - they dropped horned helmets, to replace them with a crapload of other stupid missconcepcions about vikings. In fact, I am hard pressed to see anything in that clip that would be even remotely connected to viking culture in any way, sadly.
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