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  1. That is one amazing work of art on so many levels
  2. Hi Alan Well spotted. It is a training sword with a rounded safety tip. The pieces were made of both medium carbon steel as well as mild steel. It was simply a case of what happened to have a convenient section. Either way,carbon steels and wrought iron are better as the workpieces tend to weld before deforming under the hammer blows. In a charcoal forge you will be surprised at how readily carbon is absorbed. I have to aneal and normalise hilts afterwards just in case there are areas that air-harden due to high manganese mild steel picking up enough carbon to air harden.
  3. Later stages: The grip core had to be shapes to accommodate the thumb ring and the ferrule shaped accordingly. This is the standard beech core with cord binding and leather risers with a wash of hide-glue. The wire wrap consists of brass and iron wire twisted together.
  4. Good day Presently I am unable to post on my blog and was planning to use this project to share some of the steps involved (working hard on recalling the password though). The blade is 1m long, 50mm wide and 10mm thick at the shoulders. After designing and planning on paper, the raw material for the hilt components are measured and cut according to the final dimensions required. The pieces are then forged and filed to the specified shape. Here you can also see one of the special tongs used to hold pieces in place for welding. Hope this helps answering a few questions.
  5. Very nice. I love the attention to detail in both design and finish.
  6. Hi Isaac The plates were fitted into grooves cut along the inside of the loop guards and were then indeed secured with copper brazing for added security.
  7. Nice work, especially the spear with its spike.
  8. Ben already mentioned the grip cap, but I just had to add that I love the way it seems to grow out of the stag. Overall colour scheme and textures are very well executed and the knife has a nice organic flow to it. That is a work of art.
  9. Thank you everyone for the kind words. This family of swords played a role during the early years of Cape Dutch colonial history and I am hoping to explore this theme further in the near future. Marius
  10. Good day I finally managed to complete this munitions grade sword recently. Of all the stages, the fitting of the guard plates proved to be the most challenging. The blade is 75cm long and 8mm thick at the base. Marius
  11. Nice pattern. Well done on the mounting, consider it your starting platform. Now you have a design avenue to explore and refine. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the near future. Marius
  12. Time for something more rustic. I recently completed this set of pole-arms. The heads are EN45 and EN9 as well as high carbon tool steel with mild steel sockets and langets. The hafts are ash. This project has been a good exercise in forgewelding, especially the broad and thin sheets used for the halberd. Marius
  13. Nice work, Sam. I love the natural and ageless feel the set projects.
  14. I like the character of your new hammer, the sculpting gives it a bit of a personality. If I may ask, how much does it weigh?
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