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  1. Are you still makin these, cause ill buy just the head completed. 3lbs no handle
  2. Very nice, did you make this? If I had the money and if I also knew how to polish and sharpen swords like the Japanese do I would be all over this.
  3. And this is stock removal right? It has to be, not that I am downing it. It looks very good. And this is called a tanto because of the tip style I am guessing. Very nice work, cant wait to see it when it is finished. Keep us updated.
  4. I have never heard of that kind of wood before, does it come directly off the tree like that? Oh and yea its out of my price range as well...
  5. Those are some beautiful knives you have there. I really like the black finish, is that a hammer finish or did you do something to get that look? Also did you use a belt grinder to get that line in the ricasso? All in all very nice knives, and whoever gets these is one lucky person.
  6. Navy Jelly is a compound used to remove rust. And have you tried draw filing to bring out your lines
  7. Hey everyone, there will be an historic event at Middleton Place to offer a glimpse of past during Plantation Days. There will all sorts of demonstrations going on, but the one that we all are interested in is the blacksmithing one. Now I know this event is not all about blacksmithing, but a part of it is. And if anyone lives in the area or is close by and is curious to see how it was done back in the day, this is a golden opportunity. Ron Vido will be the blacksmith interpreter. When: Saturday Nov 6 and Sunday Nov 7. Hours : 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Admission prices : Adults $25, children 6 and under, free. Active duty military with valid ID and immediate family also are free. Activities included are complimentary garden overview tours offered on the hour, African American Focus Tours and all activities associated with Plantation Days. For more information: www.middletonplace.org (843)556-6020 or toll free at 800-782-3608 Thanks everyone for your time, hope to see you there. And of course ill be near the blacksmith all day.
  8. John that is absolutely astonishing, and the hamon is amazing. I think I am going to make another tanto myself I just wish that I could make a shinogi zukuri type. But I really dont know how to forge in the bevels. But awesome work John as always.
  9. Ewww!!..uhhh!!....excuse me while I go change my briefs lol. Very nice Cris as expected from you of course.
  10. Oh ok I got ya Ill do it and see what happens. And then I will let you guys know what I get out it. Thanks for the info though, it is all really helpful and I have learned so much you guys and this site, so I thank you all for that.
  11. now when you say spark test them, how exactly do I go about doing that?
  12. U bolts huh....well I have some U bolts from a lowering block kit I had for and truck of mine. I have some pictures of the lowering blocks actually and I am also wondering if the black itself is good enough steel to be forged into something. I wonder if the block is a tool steel, then it would be nice to try and forge a hammer head out of one. Or send it to someone who could. How do I go about finding out what kind of steel the u bolts and the block is? Can you tell from just looking at it? I doubt it and I know that might be a dumb question, I just had to ask. The u bolts dont have those screws attached to them I just have them screwed on with a washer. The pictures were actually for craigslist when I was trying to sell them. ( no luck though) So I hope to get some use out of them at the forge!
  13. Cris, very awesome stuff I really like how the necklace turned out. The shape of the knife for the necklace is different and I cant really put a name on it, but I like it.
  14. Oh ok, Yeah I was wondering about the clay on the back of the blade. I have heard of people not putting clay on the spine at all, is it true that by not putting clay on the spine you lessin the chance of the blade curving during the quench or do I have that backwards? And I have been talking with another friend of mine who has been teaching me as much as he can from AZ, and we decided to leave it how it is. I am going to finish sanding the blade today and I will take pictures along the way. When I get done with that I will etch the blade probably after I have it up to 1000 grit. Then I need to think about what to do with the handle. I messed up the tang bad, I was thinking of wrapping the tang in ray skin and then wrapping with paracord. Or instead of ray skin I would use string. But first I need to straighten out the lines so that the tang doesnt look like it is dipping in the like. But I appreciate the advice and knowledge you have given me and little bit is helpful. I also think you have to make mistakes to learn right? Ryan
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