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  1. It's a "Coupe Marc" a type of Hay Knife used to cut the "marc" or residue left in a press after the juice has been extracted from the hay during the process of making haylage/silage. They look like axes but are anything but... Best regards Thom
  2. Hi all, Came across this this morning and just thought I'd share: http://www.pasthorizonspr.com/index.php/archives/11/2013/2000-year-old-iron-furnaces-found-poland Best regards Thom
  3. Hi all, There's not been much progress with this I'm afraid. Work and family distractions have meant its still on the bench. However I decided I'd invest in some hardness testing files and when they arrived I gave it a quick go and this blade seems to be coming in around the 55 to 60 side of things..... is that about right or should I be aiming for a little higher? You buy something thinking it'll take some of the guesswork out for you.....and in the end it just makes you ask more questions......Ahhhh life! Regards Thom
  4. Thanks Dave, good to know the forum's financially secure. I'll get to work documenting my ambitious projects.....although my ambitions at present only go so far as to creating vaguely knife shaped objects You do accept crayon drawn schematics I trust? Thanks again for all that you administrators do and to the whole community for making this a toyshop of information, inspiration and acceptance. Regards Thom
  5. Having a bit of a karmic moment and feel the urge to donate something to the upkeep of the site. I tried the old donations link Mr Fogg posted back in 2008 but since the changeover has made that redundant, I wondered if there was a new one we could use? Don't expect me to be bank rolling the next Artic Fire or anything, just wanted to say thanks to everyone here... You keep me sane fellas....or enable the madness....either works for me. Regards Thom
  6. You definitely have a discerning lady there, I salute you! As to the sheer volume of scrap and the prices......You're gonna need a bigger boat. If only I were on the same continent...
  7. Congratulations fellas! Hard earned and well deserved.
  8. There's another one, "Les Haches" by Daniel Boucard, published by Jean Cyrille Godefroy. In French and I don't think there's an english text version available, but just pure axe heaven. Regards Thom
  9. Thanks Jake, just hope it's of help/enjoyment/interest to all. Some links to Norwegian variations; http://digitaltmuseu...ount=750&pos=10 http://www.miljolare.no/data/ut/album/?al_id=2085 Regards Thom
  10. Don't worry, the Hex nut is only temporary.....
  11. You've probably come across this already, but again it's a link that'll take you to some cool photos of French regional patterns. http://www.en.charpentiers.culture.fr/tools/regionaldiversity/diversityofbroadaxes# And another great site; http://www.forum-outils-anciens.com/f83-Les-Haches-Doloires.htm Maybe a bit too recent in the main, but I hope it's of some help. Regards Thom
  12. Thanks Sam. I work with Yew quite a bit and either as a result, or just good old tough callused hands, it doesn't give me any skin irritation. I've got the blade ground and near to it's final edge, but it now has a completely different feel to it, (To my eyes at least, I'll get a photo up when I find my camera) and I'm rethinking the whole handle situation..... Currently thinking Yew with some Copper and Fallow Antler that I have. Gotta find my camera..... Regards Thom
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