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  1. Best wishes and a speedy recovery for Mrs Hrisoulas. Regards Thom
  2. I'm with Rob on this one. If I can't figure it out myself, I come here and trawl. As a learning resource, this site is second to none.
  3. Very cool. Nice pattern to the axe, looking forward to seeing it finished! Regards Thom
  4. Ha! Thanks Don. Really. Regards Thom
  5. Nice one Nate. I liked a similar one you did in Osage and surprise surprise....I like it in Oak too! Love the contrast between the wrought and 1084. Regards Thom
  6. Nice mate, very nice. Great blade profile, and the Bocote and colouration of the sheath compliment each other perfectly. Love the little embellishments to the sheath too. Regards Thom
  7. Thanks for the comments gents. I'm under no illusions, I'm not going to be pattern welding anytime soon or producing fantastic blades and hawks like your good selves. But I can assure you I will get there.... In the words of Lone Watie (Or Lincoln, whichever you prefer) "Endeavour to persevere" Regards Thom
  8. Doug, Rob. Thanks guys it means a lot. Regards Thom
  9. The "All seeing Eye" could be an old Goldenberg stamp, though hard to tell, so it could be French. Yes there's corrosion and heavy pitting......but I've used worse. A very nice find. Regards Thom
  10. Sir, if those are your trinket boxes.....The mind boggles at what trinkets they'd contain, Silmarils? Beautiful. Regards Thom
  11. Thanks for taking the time to comment folks, positive and critical, it means a lot. I have to admit, this one felt like a backwards step rather than progression, but heck....making it was a bit of much needed stress relief, and success or failure, time spent practising in the forge at my level is never wasted. It started out as an experiment in twist work and just became a knife. The curled end/hook or as I view it, the extruded turd is the worst part.... "Remember the more you make, the better you will get!" George thanks, this is my mantra.... No.3 coming soon. Best regards Thom
  12. Evening all, Here for your consideration is my second knife to date. Forged from an old cold chisel. Still needs a final sharpen and polish but here it is anyway. A bit chippy towards the tip but I'm being fairly philosophical with this one. There are problems with it.....its big clunky and butt heavy, but it's still in one piece and cuts so that'll do me at this stage in the game. Plus I wanted to show I do more than just lurk Heckles, criticisms or comments always welcome. Hope the picture's not too big. Best regards Thom
  13. Coltsfoot, otherwise known as British Tobacco, is an excellent substitute for tobacco. It is usually smoked on it's own but can be combined with other herbs like Sage, Marshmallow leaf, Mullein, White Horehound, Skullcap, Lavender, Peppermint, Uva Ursi, Damiana and Thyme. Some people also use chamomile flowers, rose petals and cloves for a pleasantly fragrant smoke. I smoke a mix of Coltsfoot, cloves and a little honey to keep it moist, not only does Coltsfoot help to reduce the cravings for tobacco, it's also an expectorant so helps clear the lungs....ironic eh?
  14. I agree, but it was the copper pins that made me think this...... Not a criticism by any means though, it's a very beautiful blade. Love it. Regards Thom
  15. I'd opt for pyrography personally. The variable temperature kits are easy to use and you can make your own tips to suit. Holly takes burnt designs well and is nice to carve in my opinion. Just make sure its well seasoned/stabilised as green holly does like to split (at least it does here in rainy Cymru) Regards Thom
  16. Rob, that's bloody gorgeous. Wish I'd entered the KITH now......maybe next time. You should be very proud of yourself mate. Thom
  17. I'll drink to that! Really nice....deceptively simple.
  18. That pattern is just mesmerizing......Beautiful.
  19. I've commented elsewhere, but again.... really nice work Josh. The Goosewing is pure bad ass.
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