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  1. Nice work really love that sheath, and from one newcomer to another, welcome!
  2. Pretty sure Simmonds used W1 too, but don't quote me on that. As for, "should be using new steel" in my experience, the older the tool the better the steel. I know this is a sweeping generalisation, but when I'm felling with axes I'd rather have my old Elwell, Cornelius Whitehouse or Gilpin over any of these new ones, and that includes my gransfors.
  3. Love the idea of using cherry and holly for the handle, I think it would create a lovely subtle contrast....my two cents anyway.
  4. I just hope my first knife comes out as well as yours when finished. Really good work mate, it's an evil looking blade.
  5. Nice lines, very clean and love that burl.
  6. That engraved spine is just stunning, really clean and delicate, well done.
  7. Really like the lines of this piece, beautiful work
  8. Indescribable work! Thank you so much for posting this, for a new smith this is so fascinating to watch.
  9. Love the grain in that handle, great work.
  10. Looks like a nice solid workhorse of a blade. You're Dad must be chuffed to bits!
  11. Hey Jim, I would have thought that the teeth would be fairly durable in their natural state, but I found this. May be useful, may not. http://ag.arizona.ed...rces/az1144.pdf As long as the animal hasn't been eating sweet treats I think they should last a while. Thinking about it, you could try applying a couple of thin coats of clear acrylic, although I'm not sure whether this would cause any discolourment.
  12. Nice work, a really useable piece by the looks of it.
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