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  1. Posting from my phone, but it's from a guy named Ibor. I think he's in the Czech Republic. https://m.facebook.com/IBOR-405082576216585/
  2. I'm getting the old site as well. For what it's worth I'm looking at it with my iPhone.
  3. Wow! Very interesting and unique design. Going to have to agree with what has already been said..."steampunk straight razor".
  4. Holy crap!!! That is fracking fantastic The Behmer type 6 is my all time favorite sword design and you have brought it together beautifully. And to think it's a sparring sword.... Any plans to make a sharp companion piece to this?
  5. Very, VERY cool thread. Keep the pics coming.
  6. Wow Niels. That's fantastic!!! Really looking forward to seeing this one completed.
  7. So...it's been a year. Any movement on this project? I'm not trying to nag...really I'm not...
  8. Beautiful work Marco. Thanks for posting. Any plans to do a sheath as well?
  9. Very nice hawk Owen. And I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as "too Saxon"
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