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  1. Hi all i am in the last 3rd of this book written about steels, heat treating, alloying, etc it was the info i really needed to understand ALOT about forging metal ie steel.......i just thought i would throw it up on a new thread since i think the link is burried in a thread somewhere.......... http://www.feine-klingen.de/PDFs/verhoeven.pdf goto copymax, get em to print it out put it in a 3 ring binder.ehe. thanks again to all the guys who stop to pass on their knowledge. Its a pretty technical read read but priceless imho. Ah ok i just found this link i new i had somewhere..........its roughly the same information , but MUCH LESS technical http://www.cashenblades.com/articles/lowdown.html
  2. The hex Chrome issue i just brought up on this forum, had some great answers, the end of it all was WEAR A RESPIRATOR for welding, hot work, grinding, whatever, as far as i know any stainless has the potential to release hex chrome. The hex chrome is not integral to some SS's, however under high heat some element does turn into the hex chrome when raised to a high enough temp.....blah blah see the link, wear your mask. >
  3. hi thanks for the replies. I am not familiar with all the issues arising from hex chrome, however i have had my breathing space tested for hexchrome when welding with 308 or 309 series SMAW rod with just about any stainless steel and its way off the charts. however, that is one process, and forge welding mite be quite another >shrug< wearing a respirator is what i will do untill i know differently. thanks again. PS the link provided by jared was great info as it had not only welding processes, but hotwork included in the release of hex chrome...wear the respirator it is then.
  4. for a while now have not had any luck responding to any posts, or starting a new topic i tried several different areas in the forums, and just now was able to start one, sorry if its in the wrong area. I am a professional welder, often dealing with stainless steel. Hexavalent chrome is some scary stuff when welding SS...........i was wondering if i should be wearing my respirator when dealing with SS at welding temps in a forge. As i understand it, most of the hexchrome is released at welding temperature, not at say red hot temp to be shaping it. any info on this would be great because till then im wearing my respirator hehe.........thanks much. I would also like to just add my profuse thanks to Dfogg, allan and the others who obviously make this site happen. all the information on here inspired me to broaden my horizons. i was reading this site for along time b4 i became a member, and can remember how giddy i was when i first found it. i spent hours reading darn near every post. any how a question, some thanks and thats all for now best to you all. Ryan
  5. nice work, cant wait to see it finished:)
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