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  1. 2Tim215


    Just finished off this one. A little bowie in N690 stainless with Wild Olive. OAL = 400mm Blade = 265mm x 44mm x 6mm So just a little under 16 Inches overall. Guard is N690 with orange G10 for the spacers. Blade is 57 RC Cheers Tim
  2. 2Tim215

    Pen Knife

    Thanks you all. Appreciate the kind words.
  3. 2Tim215

    Pen Knife

    Here's a set I finished over the week end. Something new I am starting - pens and matching folders. Hope you like:D OAL = 160mm Blade = 67mm x 19mm x 3mm SS liners, Palm and N690 bolster sandblasted. Blade is N690 Cheers Tim
  4. Hi all. Haven't been here for a while so thought it's about time I put something up A 4" lock back in N690, SS liners, Bush pig and Red Bushwillow. Cheers Tim
  5. 2Tim215


    Lovely. I have also grown fond of Acacia.
  6. Thanks all. Appreciate the feedback.
  7. Lovely pattern and a lovely knife all round.
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