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  1. 2Tim215


    I'll check out the face book page. You want to speak to the guys at AMT composites. They have a branch in the Cape. I can't recall the name of the resin I used to use for vacuum impregnation but Natalie at the DBN branch can advise.
  2. 2Tim215


    I don't know Peet Oosthuizen. South African? I collected some from a hunters graveyard where they discard the carcasses after skinning. Got some nice ones but you can dye the dry ones and then penetrate with thin superglue and they are fine.
  3. 2Tim215


    I prefer as simplistic as possible these days
  4. Proof of concept for a forged biltong cutter I came up with. Loosely based on a antique cast bread cutter. Biltong is the Afrikaner version of jerky
  5. Pleasure buddy. Glad to be of some use. This was stainless 4mm N690 so I had to cut close to profile and kept the spine as straight as possible like in this pic I got off google. By just forging the bevels in along the width of the blade the forging process spread out the curve in the spine perfectly. Light taps rounded the corners. If you want to forge N690 or similar then forge it hot like you would 52100. Never let it cool to black whilst hammering. Always hammer until just before the red fades and then reheat.
  6. Tried a little experiment today. Forged out a santuko for the wife out of N690. Rather pleased with the results. And before you ask - yes, N690 can be forged if you are careful.
  7. Frank, those are stunning. Would you mind if I tried my hand making a few?
  8. 2Tim215


    Got to spend some time in my primitive forge. The 3 inch hunter is for perspective 9 inch blade. 3 inch wide. Edge quenched Spine at 6 mm forged down to 1mm at the edge. Slight concave grind. Forged guard and Gemsbok horn handle.
  9. 2Tim215


    Just finished off this one. A little bowie in N690 stainless with Wild Olive. OAL = 400mm Blade = 265mm x 44mm x 6mm So just a little under 16 Inches overall. Guard is N690 with orange G10 for the spacers. Blade is 57 RC Cheers Tim
  10. Thanks you all. Appreciate the kind words.
  11. Here's a set I finished over the week end. Something new I am starting - pens and matching folders. Hope you like:D OAL = 160mm Blade = 67mm x 19mm x 3mm SS liners, Palm and N690 bolster sandblasted. Blade is N690 Cheers Tim
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