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  1. 2Tim215


    Just finished off this one. A little bowie in N690 stainless with Wild Olive. OAL = 400mm Blade = 265mm x 44mm x 6mm So just a little under 16 Inches overall. Guard is N690 with orange G10 for the spacers. Blade is 57 RC Cheers Tim
  2. Thanks you all. Appreciate the kind words.
  3. Here's a set I finished over the week end. Something new I am starting - pens and matching folders. Hope you like:D OAL = 160mm Blade = 67mm x 19mm x 3mm SS liners, Palm and N690 bolster sandblasted. Blade is N690 Cheers Tim
  4. Hi all. Haven't been here for a while so thought it's about time I put something up A 4" lock back in N690, SS liners, Bush pig and Red Bushwillow. Cheers Tim
  5. Lovely. I have also grown fond of Acacia.
  6. Thanks all. Appreciate the feedback.
  7. Lovely pattern and a lovely knife all round.
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