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  1. A quick thanks to everyone who has provided information in this thread before I get down to specifics; WmHorus: Cheers mate, all of that was really helpful I found a fair deal of information on the steel distributors and the info on the tools also helped. Thanks a ton. As for the book recommendation; I'll look into it. Doug: Another excellent post, and I totally agree with the slow and steady mentality; the only reason I got all the books was the free shipping on certain orders and also that it would save me time later, plus it's nice to have the set, as for the common sense part this makes a lot of sense and I will look into the gloves, I just don't want to see my ability to forge slip down the drain via an accident involving my hands being disintegrated. I'm not sure who Dee is but hopefully she will indeed chime in and I await this. Matt: Hey mate, thanks for the conversion info -- I totally forgot about that. On the topic of ordering from the US, the shipping is murder as well as the conversion rate; my wallet is already burnt from forge material savings. With the glove info, I will look into it a little more; I'll likely have a pair somewhere. Tell: Cheers mate, will do; will most likely send you a line sometime in the near future. -Arden
  2. Hello ladies and gentlemen, This will be my first post and hopefully it will coincide with the posting rules and furthermore that it wont annoy anyone for these simple questions. I have read over the beginning posts and the rules to clarify so I have some basic understanding of what I am doing but I need a few things cleared up. I'm a seventeen year-old wanna-be smith; I've had a passion for it since the earliest I can remember (when I was reading Tolkien and other fantasy books, with tales of smiths' making exceptional armor and swords and tools with such precision) and recently I have decided to invest myself into this interest instead of just sitting around on my ass. This being said, I am completely lost in some facets of the beginning process; hopefully someone will be able to help out, now before I continue on I have searched for smithing schools' around my area and it's becoming increasingly noticeable that there is no one in my area (Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia). So there will be a low chance of getting any outside help from around here. Onto tools and forges; Forge: I have read that it is possible to make your own forge which sounds most applicable to me over buying a giant pre-made commercial forge, seeing as how I do not have the money to spend on overkill. On this topic I am a little confused about fuel, I have deduced that gas is the winner above coal and such but I am not entirely sure of the pro's and con's: if someone could link me to information or perhaps tell me, I would appreciate it immensely. Anvil: The basic idea here is I have a giant wooden block as a base, and I have found myself a sturdy piece of rail-way track to place atop it, I have secured it with two chains bolted into the wood with brackets for extra security as well as adding some hooks for tools. I assume this will do, I will proceed to post an image of it in this thread when it is not so dark and/or rainy outside. More on that later. Hammer: I am in need of information of hammers, I would like a sturdy all-round beginners tool that will allow for me to play around with all aspects and not be restricted to anything; I will likely upgrade and purchase more tools as I become more skilled over the years to come. Steel: This is a hard one, I have been looking for distributors for steel around my area but not too many are still open with the steel-works closed down, but I do know of one or two, if anyone could give some detailed information on a good starting steel and how I might go about acquiring it, that too would be tremendously helpful. Other Tools: Any information on drill-presses and basic tool kits would be helpful, I assume I will need more then just a hammer and files. As for protection I am looking for eye/hand protection. I already have OH&S approved steel-capped boots from tech-classes at school so it's just my other digits I need to keep safe. Wow, this post is becoming rather large; sorry guys. It's not too much longer -- Now on the topics of books, I have already ordered a few of the recommended books, below is a list of the books I have on their way to my doorstep; "The Complete Bladesmith", "The Master Bladesmith" and "The Patternwelded Blade" by Jim Hrisoulas "The Craft of the Japanese Sword" by Yoshindo Yoshihara & Leonhard kapp "Custom Knifemaking" by Tim McCreight These seem to be a good place to start book-wise, again; any further recommendations would be nice. I'm always keen to learn new tricks and money for educational purposes isn't a problem with the parents. Other then all of that, I have some questions on assembling my own forge seeing as how the guide to do it that is linked on the beginners post is using non-Australian measurements I couldn't find much relevant material; I'll probably get to that another time. Warmest Regards, Arden Anaman.
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