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  1. A quick thanks to everyone who has provided information in this thread before I get down to specifics; WmHorus: Cheers mate, all of that was really helpful I found a fair deal of information on the steel distributors and the info on the tools also helped. Thanks a ton. As for the book recommendation; I'll look into it. Doug: Another excellent post, and I totally agree with the slow and steady mentality; the only reason I got all the books was the free shipping on certain orders and also that it would save me time later, plus it's nice to have the set, as for the common sense part this
  2. Hello ladies and gentlemen, This will be my first post and hopefully it will coincide with the posting rules and furthermore that it wont annoy anyone for these simple questions. I have read over the beginning posts and the rules to clarify so I have some basic understanding of what I am doing but I need a few things cleared up. I'm a seventeen year-old wanna-be smith; I've had a passion for it since the earliest I can remember (when I was reading Tolkien and other fantasy books, with tales of smiths' making exceptional armor and swords and tools with such precision) and recently I have d
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