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  1. I just made up an adapter cable. It's an older, pre-digital oven but it goes from room temp to 1400F in 30 minutes. Not bad for a less-than $400 investment (including the cable!)
  2. I recently purchased a used Evenheat 22.5 kiln. It comes with a NEMA 6-20 plug. I have a NEMA 10-50 outlet in my shop for my welder. Any concerns with making an adapter cable to plug the kiln into the 10-50 outlet? I won't have the security of a 20A breaker but, I'll only be using the kiln occasionally. Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Guys. Thanks for the kind words and input. Best wishes, Dan
  4. Hello everyone, I hope this finds you all doing well. For your consideration herein is my first attempt at a multi-bar Damascus blade. I've made a couple of cable blades in the past (with varying degrees of success), but this is my first try at a "true" modern-day Damascus blade. I hope you like it. 63 layers of 1095/15n20 Box-Elder handle 4" blade, 8" OAL Nickel-silver hardware I'm not super happy with my attempt at etching my initials on the butt-cap. 15 minutes in Ferric produced an incomplete etch of my logo. Any suggestions for etching nickel-silver? As always, thank you for your comme
  5. Hi everyone, I recently acquired a free standing electric/hydraulic shop press. It was a Craigslist find that someone else had built for their home business. I built a guide system to prevent side load on the piston and, based on the pump and cylinder geometry, I think I'm running about 12 tons of force. I bought it with the intention of using it for forge welding Damascus blades, nothing too big. My question is this; at 12 tons, does anyone have a recommended die area for forge welding? I'm guessing maybe 3"x3", or 4"x3"? I've made some Damascus in the past using the hammer and elbow tec
  6. Hi guys, This was built as a commission but the intended recipient is broke. Sooo..... here it is: 17" Overall Blade: Aldo's W-2, 11-1/2", shaving sharp Hardware: Copper Handle: Samber Stag Sheath: Hand Sewn leather and Rattlesnake Price:$400, includes shipping to CONUS. PM me if interested
  7. Hello all, here is my last Christmas present for 2014. 4-1/2", 5160 blade, hand-rubbed finish. Nickel-silver and leather spacers. Florida deer antler. Hope you all have a wonderful 2015. Merry Christmas and God bless you all. - Dan
  8. Thanks guys! One final question. (Well, that's a lie. This is FAR from my final question) Any advice on smelting furnace materials? Firebrick? Kitty Litter?
  9. Guys, Thank you so much for all the great information. As you have said, much of what's online is somewhat anecdotal and it's difficult for a novice to fill in the gaps. Since iron ore in Florida is about as common as hen's teeth, I'm grateful for anything that will help accelerate the learning curve. We didn't pick an easy hobby, did we? Thanks again, Dan
  10. Thanks Daniel! I just ordered the DVD.
  11. Guys, I'm looking to try my hand at steel making. But it is (to put it mildly), daunting. I've read numerous threads within the Bloomers and Buttons section here and watched countless YouTube videos on the topic. They are all very informative and helpful, but it seems that many of them start at a knowledge base which is still a distant spec on my horizon. I've got about 70lbs of Florida bog ore and I've made a setup to produce my own hardwood charcoal. I was planning to roast the ore in the drum while making the charcoal, then build a bloomery. I'm not looking to turn out huge quantities
  12. Wow! Thanks for the compliments! Praise from those you admire is hard to beat. GEzell, I'm not sure of the brand. I just went 150, 220, 400, 500, 800, 1500, 2000, 3000 paper, then 5 micron and 1/2 micron aluminum oxide. Once again, thanks guys. Cheers, Dan
  13. Very nice Wade! You have a recognizable style!
  14. This one has been lying around my shop in various stages of completion for about 2 years. It's my first attempt at a hand-rubbed finish and boy do I have new respect for you guys that finish all your blades this way! Gracious! I've got over 400 hours rubbing this thing and it's still got flaws! (I know, boo-hoo...) Here are the stats: 11-1/2"; blade, 17"; OAL. Aldo's W-2, aged copper, and Sambar stag. Thanks to Dave Stephens for the tip on how to file groove around the guard!!! and thanks to JD Smith for the challenge to step up my game. P.S. - It's my 2nd ever sheath. Cowhide and rattl
  15. Thanks guys. Dave, it took me several times of reading your post to visualize what you mean. I think I've got it now. Hopefully, one day I'll have time to finish this project and I'll have pictures to share. Thanks again!!
  16. Hey everyone, I've seen edge filing on guards where a single groove has been scored all the way around the outside edge of the guard. I have no idea how to do this. It's not a vine or other pattern, just a single line, parallel to the flat faces of the guard running all the way around the edge. Hints? Suggestions? Thanks!!
  17. Thanks again guys. Praise from those whom you respect, is precious.
  18. Thanks guys. I really enjoyed making it. I guess that's when we do our best work, when we're having fun. Thanks again for the kind feedback. Dan
  19. Thanks Wes! (I just realized I forgot to post the dimensions, 6" blade and 11" OAL.)
  20. Hi everyone. Up for consideration is a gift for my son's CubScout Pack leader. The blade is 5160, the fittings are 416 stainless, the handle is buffalo horn and cow bone (a $5 doggy chew from the pet store!) The bevels are hollow ground and I left the flats hammer finished. I thought they fit in nicely with the overall monochromatic look. I'm also pretty pleased with the dry fit between the guard and blade. Etching my logo into the stainless butt-cap was interesting. What would normally have been a 5-minute etch with Ferric Chloride took over 30-minutes to bite into the stainless. Also p
  21. Here is a cable Damascus hunter I just finished up for a young man who is earning his Bosun's Mate in the Merchant Marines. I intentionally left some of the cable lay lines in the blade for a more "maritime" feel. Ebony, leather and brass in the handle. Hope you like it and wish everyone a prosperous 2014. Feedback welcome. Thank you for looking.
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