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  1. Today it has been proven that the effectivness of an angle-grinder is significantly improved when the machine is plugged in...

    1. B. Norris

      B. Norris

      Try to cultivate that little voice in the back of your head. You know, the one that says "If I'm not together enough that this is a problem, what am I doing in the shop?"

    2. Ondřej Borský

      Ondřej Borský

      Luckily there was no such voice :) Then problem is that I hove only two sockets in my workshop, so I have to switch tools constantly. And sometimes I am thinking about the current work and don´t switch the plugs :)

  2. Engraving wire grooves on a traingular rounded type H pommel might the the most focus-demanidng thing I have ever done so far...

    1. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      I can only imagine...

    2. Matthew Parkinson

      Matthew Parkinson

      yup not the most fun ever....

  3. Bloody hell! Hammering the last but one rivet on a bauernwehr handle and of course, the bog oak has to crack! Gah!

    1. Karter Schuster
    2. Ondřej Borský

      Ondřej Borský

      yep :) but I take it as an opportunity to make it even better

    3. Karter Schuster

      Karter Schuster

      That is a great way to think of it!

  4. Wrought... gotta get more wrought.... more... More..... MORE!

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    2. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      Huh. I live in a town that is practically the Wild West, and lots of wagon rims around. Those are a possible source of wrought, right? If so, I'm going to Czech in the spring and can bring along some scraps.

    3. Ondřej Borský

      Ondřej Borský

      Well, yep, they might be. But I think it would be very difficult to transport such an item, even in pieces, across half the globe :)

    4. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      And I ended up forgetting it anyways.

  5. Gallifrey falls no more!

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    2. Ondřej Borský

      Ondřej Borský

      Yep, I did, and it´s fantastic! But I have no idea about the availability :/

    3. Patrick Brown

      Patrick Brown

      Check the bbc site. I was there a few moments ago and it said something about it being available for five more days.

    4. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      @Patrick darn, says I have to be in the UK to watch.

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