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  1. your carving is awesome! there is some thing magical about your projects. i wish i had the skill and patience to do this kind of work.
  2. nice clean piece . what is the effect of the fat and charcoal on the resin? is the resin natural or artificial?
  3. Thank you Alan i guess i should have introduced my self. I have been reading the forums for awhile but have not posted any thing. the first blade i made was a sax a couple of years ago. i made a charcoal ground forge out of regular bricks a gas pipe i drilled full of holes and a shopvac set to blow. as far as tools i had some hammers a big scrap chunk of axle and a file. did hardening in the forge tempering in the wife's oven. made another sax a year ago this time i had an anvil a propane forge and a belt grinder amazing how much better it works when you get out of the stone ages. my current project included casting of several elements this is with out a doubt the hardest thing i have ever done. i have made armour for the last 20 some years and in that time i have never had to scrap a project and start over again. the pommel took 4 starts before it came out good enough( I have no casting equipment it was all done in the forge with tin can flasks). I never would have had the knowledge to do the projects i have worked on with out the help of Mark Schneider who is an awesome artist,and has an amazing metal and jewelry shop. A conversation of instruction between Mark and Myself "mark how do you do X?" " well you take this piece of equipment you don't have and do this thing that you do not know how to do" "ok Mark do you think i would blow my self up if i tried it this way? "No that should work fine try it and let me know how it turns out" :-) and thanks to mark i still have not blown myself up.
  4. I am finishing up a ring hilt sword loosely based on the coombe sword from Kent. Every thing is mostly done except the grip and scabbard and some minor soldering and polish. I am having problems thinking of what kind of grip i want on it. it needs to be practical grip that could be used for cutting,but i would like it to visually pleasing as well. first i did not make the blade only the furniture. i have made a few big sax blades but i do not have a good way to temper a sword length blade.I was researching farming out the heat treating when i found a affordable commercially produced 5160 viking type bare blade. I picked up one to finish out in a migration era style. The furniture is nickel silver and black buffalo horn. the ring and rivets are brass. The pommel will have a simple black faux cloisonne pattern. My children recently broke our good camera so i have not taken any pictures of it yet, will try to get some pictures with my Wife's phone and post them when i get the chance. so any one have any good ideas for a sword grip? i could not get photos to up load to forum so here is my flicker http://www.flickr.co...s/63568381@N02/
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