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  1. Thanks for the advice! Looks like I'll be forge welding high carbon bit into mild then. I'll ask for advice on THAT in another post. Regards, m
  2. I I'll do a diagram when I get a chance, but idea is this: two mild steel bars, each treated with kasenit one one side. These two bars are tack welded or edge welded with case hardened sides touching each other (now the center). These tack welded bars are then forge welded together to form an axe head (or knife) with hardened center, and ground on both sides so hardened edge is barely exposed.
  3. Case hardening inside a split weld, prior to welding split closed.. Just curious if this is something someone has tried as an alternative to steeling a bit into mild steel (or wrought). If I don't get a response, I'll give a report on my hopeful success!
  4. Finding that I can only get so far learning on the Internet, I am looking for help getting my knives (especially my sloyd carving knife) to "scary" sharpness. Anyone in Vermont interested in helping a newbie? Thanks in advance!
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