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  1. Hello, I have this one for sale Damascus fulltang blade, with scales made of bone and sheath made of zebra. Price is 500USD You can contact me on my e-mail trman@seznam.cz Carpe diem TR
  2. Hi to all Something new from my forge.
  3. Hi, new Nessmuk knife forged from spring steel with hamon I like these "S shaped" knives
  4. Hi, I tried to make my first Pipehawk IT WORKS
  5. Brother of my Indian knife Forged 19191 steel with hamon Deer bone on the handle
  6. Hi to all after some longer time my second folding knife with mechanics ... called ZEZU 19312 and the nickel on the blade zebrano on the handle lenght: 287mm opened, 160mm closed weight: 470g ... short movie
  7. you can see that HELL here https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/891735_579848888767979_387077764_o.jpg
  8. Garrett McCormack: THANKS for your words btw Caravagiio is my favorite painter, did you see this painting in real? Its FAMOUS!
  9. if it's painted, drawn, or sculpted it's art, if it's a photograph it's not SILLY DEFINITION
  10. Also inappropriate ?? I am teacher of art, on the naked bum is not and will not be anything inappropriate. Fortunately, in Europe not
  11. SASQUATCH forged spring steel with hamon leather rings on handle Lampropeltis mexicana on sheath Length of knife - 52cm last photo - human scale
  12. Christmas present for all from me DOWNLOAD .... http://www.kovanynuz.cz/kalendar/kalendar.zip zip, 13 files, *.tif, 90MB, 420x300mm - 150DPI preview
  13. each cog prevents closing, completely locked is only when fully opened, yes it is something like lock back with teeth and lever
  14. My first attempt at folding knife with mechanics Not forged but much laborious N690 steel Corian on handle 240mm overall length
  15. Another peasant knife from my forge I do not have much time to work on knives so I will add at least the older pieces
  16. Hi ... some "new" neck knife name: ARIETANS blade: 5 layers, hand forged, 19312 at the centre handle: padouk, wenge sheath: home tanned Bitis arietans length: 200mm LOOKING FOR NEW OWNER
  17. Hi I have new knife for your eyes name AGAMA hand forged damascus steel on the blade, guard and on the end of the handle wood is acacia Pogona vitticeps (Agama in czech - tanned by myself ) on the sheath and new english named domain - www.FORGED-KNIFE.com
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