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  1. Thanks Alan its a B&$&$&%# to get the handle just how I want it, it did came out sweet though! Brian African black wood is also another name for it! Stormcrow I think brutally classy
  2. Thanks for the kind words Austin I went for classy and got it!!
  3. Hi Guys I haven’t posted in a long time. Here is a bowie that I finished off for a knife show in SA and never sold @ the show. A potential client phoned me and said he will take it, so it is sold. Stats: It is 1070 differentially heat treated, flat ground blade, wrought iron “S” guard brass spacers and black ivory spacers and a small stainless steel pin @ the back to keep everything nice and snug Size overall lentgh 20.4 inches, blade 14.96 inches, handle 5.5, width 1.7 inches, and the clip 7.4 inches Thanks for looking and Seasons Greetings Martin
  4. Hi Steven nice to see you are still going strong with the "mini" creations!! I am also dabling with some now, and is using youre previous katana dimensions to see if I can forge one out of Saben silver steel rod that I have! These little buggers are very tricky and one wrong move on the grinder and its tickets for the small blade!!! Keep going would love to see more "mini" cutters!!! Greetings Martin
  5. Hi Buck like I said you can get the stuff here at any spares place here by us(Not Toyota or Chev we got local shops called Midas spares), Brand name Holts, its got a consistency almost like window putty but made to DIY fix leaks in exhaust systems The only pic that i do have is after it hit the oil and *PING* no more knife !!
  6. Hi Bryan We here in SA use a product called Gun Gum (do a google search “gun gum holts”, I do not know if you can get this stuff in your neck of the woods) you can get it locally by us at any spares store and the actual use of this product is to fix leaking exhausts!! How we use it is to clean your blade with liquid dish washing soap wipe it dry and then with latex gloves (this stuff stick to your hands like nothing else) use also wooden craft sticks/ice cream sticks for shaping and keep the Gun Gum wet while applying to blade it dries out very quickly. When you are done you c
  7. Hi Alan Thanks thats good advice for sure, always out of the box thinking with you!! Martin
  8. Well it seems you guys get good stuff over there, we can only get normal sandpaper-paper backed at the hardware stores. It really does not matter what type abrasive on the paper, its to grind your slabs flat and I stick it with contact adhesive on my alluminum disk grinder so you trim it off yourself-DIY style and then to get it off is a %#$%^ SOB job. That`s why I asked to get a better or easier way to remove it. I can shop at Pferd for material backed disks but they are very expensive for a hobby maker like me!! There are small disks with velcro that I can get but to small for the disk g
  9. Hi Kevin very nice WIP you started here, even for me being a hobby knife maker for a couple of years this taught me some new and interesting Tips and Tricks! Please do me a favour and show me the "trick" on the disc sander I have read that part over and over and is not sure what it means, English is a second language for me and some stuff (glues and such stuff) you get there in the US have different names!! Thank You Martin
  10. A lot of coffee was consumed and everything is now ready to be assembled or almost peened is how I describing it and then sanding and polishing of the outside of the silver sleeve and then I was all done(Some steps like hand sanding like a mad man was not photographed but everyone gets the picture) I hope everything is explained in layman’s terms because I’m not a jeweller and do not know all the correct terms, I feel monkey see monkey do that is how I operate!! Martin
  11. I forgot to take photo’s smelting the gold and sterling and the casting you’re hands are very busy at that stage So here are the sterling already rolled out and still need some rolling The silver is rolled out and I used a jewellers saw to make it square The sleeve is soldered and my friend’s wife is punching the sterling and gold jewellers stamp Now the gold went through the casting and is rolled in gold wire(square wire) and is soldered into a ring shape object and I am busy round it of on special tool(the name escaped me)
  12. Sorry no pics of us trying to turn the rings from oval to round. In this pic I am checking the rings and after used some sanding paper to “polish” the outside diameter Removing the plastic inner to loosen up the rings Removing the plastic inner to loosen up the rings Here are the rings after heat treating them and with edging in ferric chloride
  13. Ok as promised the little WIP of the ring!! Firstly my friend Neels had a bar of damascus steel and it was send to the engineers for machining to the correct inside diameter not sure what it was but big enough that the sterling sleeve will fit inside. The sterling sleeve will be the correct ring size!! This is as the engineering guys finished it off. Then I went to a friend with a hobby lathe, the rings were too thick and needed to take a 1mm or more of that it will be a wearable thickness we started with a piece of wood that we slide the rings over, later realised that i
  14. That is a nice dagger great work forging it, i cant wait to see the completed package!! Martin
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