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    knife and sword smithing, celtic and norse mythology, history, bushcraft, and archery. I am also a part time Bladesmith at hhistoric Washington State Park.

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  1. Luke_Sorensen

    in the old forrest

    Very Nice indeed
  2. Luke_Sorensen

    White Dryad - My new Jewelry line

    Gorgeous work. well designed and executed. Superb looking pieces.
  3. Luke_Sorensen

    Boar spear

    Very Nice. I wouldn't mind that on a pig hunt
  4. Luke_Sorensen

    Times up

    Tis fine with me
  5. Luke_Sorensen

    Small DrakkenSeax

    Gorgeous work. I love the shape, and the transition of the handle from smooth to carved is magnifique.
  6. Luke_Sorensen

    Aules Edge

    Thank you gentleman Your kind words are appreciated
  7. Luke_Sorensen

    Wilderness Bushcraft Knives

    Beautiful work.
  8. Luke_Sorensen

    Aules Edge

    Well I started another topic on this but then it won't let me post the pictures in it :/ Well Here is my finished contribution to the KITH. It is called Aules Edge. Named after a Knowledge Deity from Tolkien's Middle Earth. He represented skill and craftsmanship. Also being associated with smithing and Dwarves The handle is curly maple with a 5160 blade. I hope you like it. Oh The runes translate to the axes name, My amazing girlfriend helped me with the rune part of the project.
  9. Luke_Sorensen

    Finale list

    1. Kip Kaiser 2. Caleb Harris 3 Matthew Parkinson 4 dylan holderman 5. Kevin Hopkins 6. George Ezell 7. Pieter-Paul Derks 8. Luke Sorensen
  10. Luke_Sorensen

    Finale list

    I will be done within the next day or so. When is the drawing going to be?
  11. Luke_Sorensen

    Dwarvish belt axe........sorta

    Well after much deliberation I decided to go with a slightly more utilitarian design. It is a quazi broad-hand axe. I am still debating what im going to use on the handle. Hopefully I will get it finished up in the next week or so.
  12. Luke_Sorensen

    Beaver Tail...

    that is gorgeous work
  13. Luke_Sorensen

    The Boar-Spear of Cedric the Saxon

    that is awesome
  14. Luke_Sorensen

    Spalted Oak and San Mai

    gorgeous work. that is one beautiful knife.
  15. Luke_Sorensen

    1st Knife Project

    wow that is rather nice for your first knife your fit and finish looks pretty good and I like the design. The only thing that occurs to me is the handle. how does the upswept handle feel???