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    knife and sword smithing, celtic and norse mythology, history, bushcraft, and archery. I am also a part time Bladesmith at hhistoric Washington State Park.

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  1. Gorgeous work. well designed and executed. Superb looking pieces.
  2. Very Nice. I wouldn't mind that on a pig hunt
  3. Gorgeous work. I love the shape, and the transition of the handle from smooth to carved is magnifique.
  4. Thank you gentleman Your kind words are appreciated
  5. Well I started another topic on this but then it won't let me post the pictures in it :/ Well Here is my finished contribution to the KITH. It is called Aules Edge. Named after a Knowledge Deity from Tolkien's Middle Earth. He represented skill and craftsmanship. Also being associated with smithing and Dwarves The handle is curly maple with a 5160 blade. I hope you like it. Oh The runes translate to the axes name, My amazing girlfriend helped me with the rune part of the project.
  6. 1. Kip Kaiser 2. Caleb Harris 3 Matthew Parkinson 4 dylan holderman 5. Kevin Hopkins 6. George Ezell 7. Pieter-Paul Derks 8. Luke Sorensen
  7. I will be done within the next day or so. When is the drawing going to be?
  8. Well after much deliberation I decided to go with a slightly more utilitarian design. It is a quazi broad-hand axe. I am still debating what im going to use on the handle. Hopefully I will get it finished up in the next week or so.
  9. gorgeous work. that is one beautiful knife.
  10. wow that is rather nice for your first knife your fit and finish looks pretty good and I like the design. The only thing that occurs to me is the handle. how does the upswept handle feel???
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