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  1. Thanks Peter On some of the blades it looked like it had a fuller thatwent partway down the blade is that so or are my eyes seeing things . also what would the handle traditionaly be made of thank again Luke
  2. Very Very cool aplause for doing it without electricity Regards Luke
  3. Does anyone have any info on irish swords with ring pommels such as how long they were, how wide, did they have a fuller or not etc etc. also if anyone knew how to construct the hilt that would all be greatly apreciated. Regards Luke
  4. The bladesmiths that have influenced me through their books would have to be Ed fowler (the first knife book I ever read was "knife talk" By mr fowler, also Jim Hrisoulas and Don Fogg. Through personal experience Mr Jim Crowell, and Tim Potier who also are both great teachers. Also Avery Tredway who helped me make my first damascus billet. And the numerous bladesmith on this forum and also on the British Blades forum. I have to agree with David .D In authers that have influenced me being J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Brian Jaques, Chris Paolini + Douglas bond and Karen Traviss. many oth
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