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  1. Thanks Kevin. Glad you like it
  2. Very nice. Friction folders are great.
  3. Good luck mate. This is an awesome journey to undertake. I look forward to seeing it.
  4. I am so in, looking forward to this one 1. Dylan Holderman 2. Troy Christianson 3. Robert Burns 4. Fred Crislip 5. John F. Ellis 6. Freya W. Ward 7. Daniel Johnson 8. Nate Runals 9. Kip Kaiser 10. Rob Toneguzzo 11. John Page 12. Petr Florianek 13. Luke Sorensen
  5. Im game. I like tribal or maybe a hawk would be fun
  6. No problem. hope it helps, By the way 5160 is what I used on some of my springs
  7. Awesome and beautiful work.
  8. I am no expert here, but this is the way I have done a ht on a spring . First heat it to nonmagnetic and quench in boiled linseed oil. then put the spring in a open metal container with enough linseed oil to cover the piece, set that on a forge until it self ignites. you then pull it off and let it burn out. then you clean it up and voila. This is the way I was shown by an old gunsmith/knifemaker and he has made lots of springs this way. hope it helps. Oh by the way when you heat up the oil make sure to do it in an open place, it can be a touch volatile. Luke
  9. The first "real grinder" I had, was a grizzly. It got the job done but it did lack in a few areas, mainly the tracking wasn't great. The saying you get what you pay for does ring true, If you want a decent grinder then get a grizzly if you wan't a good solid grinder spend a little more and buy a kmg or a bader. Just my .02 hope it helps
  10. Hey guys I just finished my kith knife. It has a 1095 blade with a color cased handle. Sorry for the crappy pics my camera is not working so I had to take these with my phone. If I can get it working I will post some better pics soon.
  11. 1. Kip Kaiser 2. John Page 3. Luke Sorensen Heading out to the shop to finish it up now
  12. Wow that is very cool. Thanks
  13. Very nice. I love the handle work. Hope you recover from your surgery quickly.
  14. ooooh I love the Sax. Lovely patterns on all of them
  15. That is gorgeous. I love it, very nice work mate.
  16. Awesome. That is some beutiful work. I love the handle especially
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