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  1. Sweet. I also enjoy the odd lathe session. I'd hate to get pop'd upside the head with that
  2. I am not really into the japanese styles, but you pulled it off. I really like it Very nice work.
  3. Looks good for your first knife. What are the materials usedin this knife
  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Yep, Alan it is a 440 Mopar engine. It doesn't run but it makes a good prop.
  5. This is my first double brut de forge, The forged upper gaurd really feels good when used as a thumb ramp. Blade is forged from 5160, handle is horse stall mat. 16 1/4 Overall 10 1/4 blade.
  6. Very beutiful work. That has some very nice lines.
  7. Very cool. I love the shape.
  8. I looove the stuff. I have used it on a number of knives now, and the stuff holds a edge very nicely. It is rather red hard and pits when heated to high temps, yellow and above. I have done a little san mai with it, It can crumble if you get it too hot or hit it too hard and again it does pit. As a simple forging steel it is very nice. I hope this helps a little. Good Luck Luke
  9. Thanks for all the work you guys put into this. The upgrade seems to work perfectly!
  10. Och It does look like fun buuuut, Watching some of the trailers those polearms look like they would be rather dangerous. I agree with Doug I think 9260 or 1065 would be a good choice. As Scott said edge geometry and ht will be very important with the use they are going to get.
  11. Beautiful work mate. That is a lovely knife. The Metal and wood accent each other wonderfully.
  12. I agree. An extra month would be nice. I am still working the kinks out of mine.
  13. Hello there pup. Good lookin dog, man
  14. Very cool. I look foreward to seeing the finished product.
  15. Very good looking knife. Congrats on getting a belt grinder too.
  16. Very cool. I have been planning on doing some handles like that, but I haven't had a chance yet. Sweet looking knives.
  17. CRAP!!! That is awesome, That is one bloody beast of a blade, I like it ALOT
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