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  1. That is BLOODY awesome. Inspiring work there man.
  2. SW Arkansas. On the Texas border.
  3. Thanks for the responses guys. Some great info
  4. http://www.trocadero.com/101antiques/items/916258/en1.html Try This.
  5. Hello all. I have been thinking on making a russian Kindjal. I am thinking of something close to this Kindjal. I was wondering if this is a pretty standard length and shape. I have seen a number of double edged and single edge. Also what was the usual grip material? Thanks in advance. Best Regards Luke
  6. A nice pair of lovelies Very nice lines.
  7. Looks good. I like the shape of the small fixed blade especially. Like all the other guys said, fit and finish is very important. The hockey puck is a nice touch tho. Keep up the good work. A older smith told me when I started. When you make a knife sit and examine it, Figure out what mistakes you made and try to figure out how to not make it again. then make another knife with the intent to make it better than the last. in other words. always strive for perfection :ph34r: Best Regards Luke
  8. :D Looks good. I really like the smaller knife. The larger one looks like a good chopper
  9. I usualy quench in peanut oil and it works well and smells alot better than motor oil. If you use a torch just use it on the spine of the blade. your pretty on with your temper colors you listed. have fun. Luck Best Regards Luke S
  10. oooh I will keep a close eye on this project.
  11. I liked it alot. It missed some parts of the book but I haven't seen a movie that hasn't yet. Overall very good and a bit of a surprise. :D
  12. Those are really cool Sam!
  13. Very cool. I have just recently been hooked on these books. Good Luck.
  14. That should be cool. I look foreward to seeing more!
  15. I tried another file and it cut a little bit better. The other file I was using was an oregon. It was odd because the oregon is what I have been using and it is still pretty new. Thanks for the help everyone :D
  16. I had an odd thing happen today. I did a heat treat on a blade that is made from a leaf spring (I think it was 5160) I quenched it at 1550F and went into warm parks 50 oil. I have now tempered it five times, at one hour per time, with the last temper being at 500f. My pretty new file is just now starting to bite, and even then just barely. I was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and why it would do this. P.S I know this is kind of odd, but it has just been bugging me, I have never had a blade get this hard before. Thanks in addvance Luke
  17. Very cool. I feel like I need to go pillaging with it :ph34r: . As always great work Owen.
  18. That is some pretty darn good looking blades you got there. I love the dagger. Keep up the good work and welcome to the forum. :D
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