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  1. I like it.. I think "thing" would be a good name. :lol:
  2. Josef Welcome to the forum. It looks like you have some nice knives there. I like the Dagger very much. I would agree with Dave though, I think it is important to work on fit and finish, something I still have trouble with. Also 300 degrees sounds like it might be a little low to temper at, if its 300 Farinheit that is. Best Regards Luke S
  3. Very cool. that is my favourite way to test a knife, As Mike said it is a great feeling to be able to use your knife for dressing an animal you harvested.
  4. That is some bloody inspiring work there. Awseome stuff
  5. Whoa that is awseome. That thing hurts just looking at it. Great job.
  6. Luke_Sorensen


    Very cool. I realy like the shape of the one on the top right.
  7. Thanks. I totaly forgot about it coming on tonight. Duly noted and ready to watch
  8. Very nice work. Beutiful knife :D
  9. wow that is absolutely amazing. Sheer beauty.
  10. That is some fine craftsmanship. Beutiful work man.
  11. Very nice. It looks like a good functional yet stylish knife.
  12. That is beautiful. The whole thing is amazing, but I especially love the Bears on the socket. An amazing piece. :D Luke
  13. Im In 1. Scott Roush 2. Nate Runals 3. John Page 4. Dion Grethen 5. Zeb Deming 6. Christopher Price 7. Petr Folderianek :-) 8. Michael Taylor 9. Mark Green 10. Kip Kaiser 11. Kevin Hopkins 12. DJ Pratt 13. Pete Dirksen 14. Troy Christianson 15. Hloh 16. Jai Mather 17 Luke Sorensen
  14. That is just..... Beautiful. Great work kip, I love the organic feel it has.
  15. Bravo, That is awesome man. congratulations on your first sword. Best Regards Luke s
  16. Welcome to the forum . You've got some good looking blades there, I really like the carvings on the second from last knife. Best regards Luke S
  17. Im in for a folder, should be an interesting challenge. Best regards Luke S :ph34r:
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