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  1. I would be in. I had some stuff come up to where I couldn't partake in the last kith, But as far as I can foresee I will be by a forge now. Any Ideas on a theme? Best Regards Luke S
  2. whew that is just gorgeous.
  3. you can use all sorts material for guards and fittings, Personally I like brass or stainless steel, I also like using some wrought iron for guards and fittings. I have used antler as well as micarta for guards as well. Your preference will vary. The best thing I can tell you is experiment with it and see what you like, You will eventually get a feel of what is a good balance between your taste and practicality. Good Luck Luke S :ph34r:
  4. Very good taste. 1911 is a heck of a machine.
  5. Oooh that looks like i could hurt if it found its way between your ribs :ph34r: ! Very nice. Luke
  6. I love it. The gaurd and carving are both done very tastefully. The aging on the knife and scabbard are perfect. I love the look of the patina on the brass. Bravo
  7. I am almost two hours south of Worthington. I am not sure if I could come but I would love to if I can.
  8. the one used by bad Frank looked like a searles bowie when I saw it. there were some sweet looking knives and guns on there. It was a good mini series.
  9. Does anybody come up close to Sioux city IA with an extra seat in the car, I would love to go but my car isn't the most reliable thing in the world. I hope I can come I would love to meet y'all. Luke
  10. That is so awseome. I am inspired. Luke
  11. Thanks everyone Alan I can't believe I had not thought of reading the journals I need to go to the library and get them now. thanks for the links Wild Rose. Luke
  12. Hey All I have recently moved to Dakota city Ne where Lewis and Clark are rather big figures as this was part of their journey. They have a number of festivals and things along those lines around here, I was wondering what would the type of forge and tools that Lewis and Clark had with them look like. I have done a bit of research but cannot seem to find any pics or sketches. I imagine it would have to be relatively portable which would be handy because I would have to travel with it quite a bit as well. Also would it be charcoal or coal. Any help would be much appreciated. Best Reg
  13. I think either Gondorian or Ranger.
  14. That, Sir, Is absolutely amazing!!! :blink:
  15. Ah the rr spike knife. It looks good I would put a little curve in the handle like you said but other than that it looks good.
  16. Beautiful. I suddenly have the urge to ride through unknown land. awesome work.
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