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  1. I like that very much. I like the way that the sheath subtly flares out wider to stay within the frog. Most sheaths that I have seen have 90 degree notches cut into them instead of your subtle flair. Some of those notches are not well executed. Your sheath looks quite refined and tasteful. I saw a quote recently that said: Perfection is acheived NOT when there is nothing more that needs to be added. It is acheived when there is nothing left that needs to be removed. Keep up the good work!
  2. Thank you for your nice words! I forge about one third of my knives. There's a high demand for stainless in salty, humid Florida. When I lived NW of Atlanta, I could carry a carbon steel knife all day, every day, even on rainy days with no problem. Here in Florida, I have carbon steel knives start to rust while sitting in my display case in my very air-conditioned house. -Paul
  3. Hello again. Paul Granger of Largo, Fla with a few more knives that I have made. Thank you for looking. A Model 1 and two Model 3's. The Model 3's are micro tacticals with scandi grinds.
  4. Hi my name is Paul Granger of Largo, Fla. Here are a few of the knives that I have made. Thanks for looking!
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