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  1. Ok cool, thank you for the link collin
  2. I've only been attempting flat grinding recently and have a few blades in mind that I would like to attempt my first hollow grinds. For you guys that have a few more hours at the grindstone as it were, what size contact wheel would you recommend to a new guy looking to try his hand at hollow grinding? Also I have a KMG grinder, so I will be ordering from rob at Beaumont metal works if that helps in any advice you fellas may have. Here's two knives I finished with flat grinds, and I'm really looking forward to getting started broadening my skillset as a knife maker. Thanks for any and all responses, Steve Miller
  3. Needing a home, is a drop point or EDC style Blade. Made from Aldo 1084 in .125 stock. It's actually a little thicker than .125in. Black G10 handle scales with polished brass pins. Feel free to ask any questions. Specs and photos as follows, thanks Steve Miller > Overall Length: 8.25in. >Cutting Edge: 3in. >Handle Length: 4.5in. >Stamped with my last name on ricasso >Flat Ground Price: 125$ plus shipping
  4. Ive sold quite a few of these little knives, people just seem to like em. Good work
  5. Miles theres no worries at all my friend, thanks for posting either way.
  6. Thanks for the update Wes, my computer skills are not at a legendary ranking just yet but im learning. Thanks for the compliments too, I just got some gator belts im getting ready to try out here in a day or so, and here they are no less than pure sweetness.
  7. Miles is it not showing up for ya? I can see the youtube video on my original post. Anyone elso not seeing it?
  8. I made this one for a good friend awhile back, and have been working on getting the finish close to a mirror. Let me know what you think, thanks for looking Steve http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4R14pVfl28U
  9. The blade all the way in the Left of the photos is now SOLD. But the two knives in the middle of the pics are still available for purchase.
  10. Thanks Raymond, much appreciated. Folks the knife all the way in the right of the pics is now Sold. Still three more available!
  11. Hello all, Ive got four spike knives avalable. All are around 8in. Long with a 3.5in blade. Handles are twisted and have pollished edges. The bolt ends are at a full-pollish as well. All four have a convex grind to them. These make for great novelty items/gifts. The knives will shave but need to be re-sharpend more often as the carbon content is lower in comparison to higher performance steels. 60$ plus shipping each. Thanks for looking and have a blessed day. Steve
  12. I have a welding supply store near me so I may be making a trip soon to see what they have. I'm going to a welding tech. school right now and seeing how some people treat tanks leads me to steer more towards having tanks that are certified and checked on regular basis. I'd like to get a tank on the cheap but paying a extra few bucks to prevent blowing myself up from abused tanks sounds like a decent plan to me. What I've been doing recently is just doing the exchange a tank deal at Lowes. They charge 20$ for an exchange, and having to exchange so often can't be too cost effective. I guess I could get some more tanks, but then again I may be paying too much for the exchange rate. Decisions, decision, I guess. Thanks guys for your help it's given me some good ideas and routes to take.
  13. Has anyone used or bought the 100lbs. Worthington propane tanks from northern tool? Im looking to upgrade from the the smaller barbeque style tank to somthing bigger, and before my wallet gets a little lighter I figured im gonna ask about em. Heres the link of what im talkin about http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200444881_200444881 Thanks in advance, Steve
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