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  1. Kevin you ALWAYS kill it with super dynamic random! I can't wait to work in the same shop as you again someday!
  2. Sweet contours! I'm afraid I don't see the elephant motif though... and elephants are usually difficult to miss. Point it out to me? Also on the note of creative interpretations of Indian mythology, have you seen the space-age interpretation of the Mahabharata that Grant Morrison did, called "18 Days"? That shit is awesome. Great work, dude!
  3. Scott, I'm gonna bet this was butterfly-wrap welded and the bit put in at the end. Mark, did you have a power hammer or strikers at all? And how long is it?
  4. YO that looks amazing, Mark!! Very promising! I just welded up a very similar axe, but not in anything as cool as bloom and hearth material! Give us moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. Having seen this progress, knowing how much time and work and practice and skill has gone into it, does nothing to stop me from being utterly blown away. The detail is unparalleled. Peter said that the character is spot on. He's right, it's alive. Jesus is right too, there's just something so authentic in the grain and its orientation that just says "original" and not "reproduction". You did this, man. Word.
  6. Thanks Jack, but you should look at my knife too
  7. Thanks Dave!! Will I meet you at Owen's in (ohmygod) about a month? Yeah I heard that too, I can't wait to see the next blood moons! Can you describe the actual hue? So incredible!
  8. Hey thank you everyone! Scott, that's pretty much the kind of dronescape I was thinking of. If you wanna hear dronescapes you should listed to the music made by my friend who owns the knife. Collin, please don't use the word "retarded" that way! But thank you very much for your kind words. It was too cloudy here in Massachusetts for the blood moon! I tried to see it when it rose and it was beautiful but soon disappeared. And it wasn't intentional but it did all sort of come together, I love it when that happens. Very portentous seeming.
  9. This knife belongs to a close friend, who likes cloudy contemplation and rainy dronescapes and layers on layers of sky, dirt, and the mist in between. The blade is forged of Aldo Bruno's 1095, clay-hardened under the supervision of Matt Venier. The handle is carved moose antler, cow horn, desert ironwood Jeff Pringle found, and stacked birch bark that my uncle collected. The ferrule is silver and the pommel cap is salvaged wrought iron from Warner, New Hampshire. The leather is tooled using only a knife and punches that I forged and filed out of 1084 (except my lantern touchmark).
  10. Nice shaving horse dude aaaaand awesome punch aaaaand awesome knife
  11. Petr, you know I think this, but your heart just vibrates on a frequency with those who lived long ago. You just know. Holding one of your pieces shows even more. Very few people make the same broad and slim handle shape that keeps with the wide lines of the blade but is incredibly ergonomic because it fits right into the crook of your knuckles. I also love how well your design coheres: the mountain for Dale and what I can only assume is its gate in the form of an Angerthas d-rune?
  12. Ahhhhhhhhh I love it!!!! If there was a cat, it would be internet famous because it's pretty much adorable. I also love your artistic inclusion of the wine glass and umbrella from the original crate. But also a prediction: many, many tiny fires to stamp out! As if that's not fun. Are you going to build a roof for rainy days? This is just the most awesome kind of ingenuity. Good work Jeppe!
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