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  1. Man that knife has a very elegant yet I mean business look to it. Looks pretty sweet to me and a blackwood scabbard would just set off the whole package.
  2. Those look like they should do the job nicely. I have been meaning to make a set for myself like that. How did you fit the tangs?
  3. This is a very beautiful knife Stu, your work has always impressed me. The handle is really somthing else as well! Simply amazing!
  4. Thats one wicked cleaver Troy! Your "little bird" has a good eye for creativity! I love the clip on this one, quite unique and the scales really set it off. If dinner is as good as this blade I may have to take you up on offer sometime.
  5. I toyed with the idea of making the loops farther apart but just kept coming back to a sketch that I did similar to this one. The ebony and bronze in the handle weigh enough to hold the blade sheathed at slight angle that is comfortable. The next one I do will be farther apart and much more parallel. I looked at as many as I could find to gain inspiration and took some artistic freedom with it. Hey Geoff, I did the patina on the bronze and copper with that pleasently fragrant Liver of Sulphur, then hand buffed it rouge on a cotton cloth.
  6. Hello again everyone! I haven't been while since I worked on anything or even posted here for that matter. I finally made it out to the shop to make my brothers 40th birthday present. So here it is. This was a fun project for me, a whole lot of firsts like forging bronze for the spacers/gaurd/ pommel, carving antler, trying to achive a patina on copper,and tooling leather. My brother wanted me to make him a broken back seax for the last 3 years so I figured now is the right time to get it done. The sheath took longer to make than the seax, I think I got the hang of leather tooling near the end. I would make another sheath but his birthday is in 2 days. I need to get some better pictures of this but these are the best I have for now. It is not perfect to my eyes but overall I am happy with it. Blade- 1084/15n20 unknow layers,(made the stack last year) 8" long 5/16" thick at the spine. Handle- Macassar ebony, bronze, and antler Let me know what you guys think, any and all suggestions are welcomed. I am anxious to start the next one. Thanks for looking!
  7. That is cool! Nice forging and nice maple!! I have been wanting make a spike hawk and a war hammer for a long time.
  8. I have been a welder for a long time and have worked in many different environments. When I worked a bridge fabrication plant we were required to wear steel toed boots with met-guards (shields for the top of your feet) this was a very heavy fab shop with some sections weighing in at 20 tons. I switched gears and joined the Ironworkers where we installed the beams and girders I used to make. The jobsite is quite a bit more dangerous, only a handful of jobsites I worked on required steel toed boots. The argument was made that if a beam landed on your foot you had better odds of sliding out from under it without steel toes as well as having not having your toes cut off by the steel cap. I have had slag burn through my jeans and the tounge of my boots when air-arc-gouging and it was not fun in any way, the metal is usually body temp by the time you get your boot off. I allways wear my leather boots when welding or forging, burns are just too uncomfortable during the healing process to take the chance. Wellingtons like these are great because they are slip-ons, and don't have laces to catch and hold slag or splatters.
  9. Hey George I am glad you like it, it means quite a lot to me. This knife was fun to do. It was great to be able to take part in this exchange with so many other talented smiths. Thanks again for all the kind word guys! Anthony
  10. Thanks guys for the kind words! For some reason I thought they needed to be forged
  11. Those are very cool, I like the ring integrated in handle of the last knife. The small axe is just awesome!
  12. Hey everyone, I have a question for all of you. I signed on for the KITH and started forging an elvish blade. It cracked in the quench, so I started a second, which I only got through rough shaping when I ended up with a bulged disk in my back. So forging has not been possible for the last few months. I was going to bow out earlier but the better half pushed me to come up with a different idea. I ended up grinding a smaller blade instead. This is the blade of Ben Gunn, he found it amongst the treasure in Captain Flint’s chest while stranded on treasure island……………. The 1/8th” blade is 3 3/4” long with a 4 1/8” carved walnut handle with mother of pearl inlays and a bronze bolster and a simple “scandi” style sheath. Since I did not get to forge this one it is up to you guys if you would like me to enter it. Let me know what you think. Anthony.
  13. That is a pretty sweet looking dagger. I have never been a fan of the forge finish but this just looks awesome. Is the maple dyed/stained or aqua fortis?
  14. Like Greg said to get your stitches to lay flat you can get a groover from Tandy mine is adjustable and fairly cheap too. For the final finish I have been using Fiebing's acrylic reslolene (Tandy has this too), I have no idea what everyone else uses but I have had very good luck with this stuff.
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