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  1. stoats (ermines) are truly beautiful. if i found a kit abandoned it would be a garunteed rescue.
  2. smástelari so would that be pronounced "smah-stay-lari", "smay-stay-lari"? looks like it would sound out as "smah-steh-la-ree"
  3. i'm glad i got to read all the replies before it got cleaned up lol. got rather funny with the stories:-p anyways, ratatosk sounds pretty alright. gotta see what the wife says on it. haven't done any forging for a while cause i need a new regulator. mine started gushing out propane from the relief port:( i like "little thief" because of its personality. it likes to hide then steal anything that crinkles from my daughter which is a blast to watch:-p looking to get a second ferret here soon so we have a pair as they do well in pairs and its too much entertainment to not have 2:-p
  4. this is ot and non smithing related exactly. but this is aimed at you J or anyone else who can help with a little bit of old norse. i have a smithing mascott now, a ferret. and my daughters name is lily, i thought luci might be a good name for it, but changed to loki (Norse God known for trickery). well, my wife hates that be beginning and end of the name sound the same as my daughters. soooooooo. how would you say "little theif" in old norse? been googling and can't find any solid info nor pronunciation:-p much thanks for any help
  5. your welcome:) i know everyone wasn't able to stay up late, and it was just amazing to watch such a rare event. seeing it from my porch was amazing, the moon and full eclipse was sitting slightly above the tree line and was framed by a couple of tall beautiful trees i wish i could have captured for all of you.
  6. aye, when the eclipse was on in full it was cloudless, but the clouds before hand made for some nice pictures.
  7. as promised, here are the photos! a couple are a tad blury, BUT, this was done by hand @ 10x zoom cause the tripod is in storage along with the remote button:-p pretty good for what i had to work with lol. and the entire time i was saying I WANNA FORGE A SWORD!!!!!!!!!!!"
  8. Just wanted to heads up all you guys when my wife gets home with the camera i'm gonna have some great photo's of the lunar eclipse for yall:) It was AMAZING to say the least.
  9. KC Love the idea that the journey outways the result. I've been of the same mind for years.

  10. :Pdidn't read everyone's post here, but got through the first 40 posts lol. my list is something like this (not in order) Paramore I Am Ghost Hawthorn Heights Casting Crowns Matisyahu (need to find that disc) Emery The Almost The Fray Drop Dead Gorgeous Natalie Grant Diana Krall Kelly Clarkson Bullet for my Valentine Third Day Rarely Linkin Park my music depends on my mood, but I've been favoring "I Am Ghost" a lot lately. exelent vocals and music. seems to be against the norm here though lol. all thats on my ipod, but if i'm listening to radio it tends to be on
  11. I do now!!!! plan on joining abana here soon too i think i'll just have a public hammerin sometime soon. we have 2 forges, 3 anvils, and hopefully i can make some decent tongs :-p we'll see how it goes and i'll post a date later
  12. yeah, our firepot is only about 2.5in deep in the coal forge. eventually we will weld a deeper fire pot into it. to get around some complications with having a better hand crank blower, we put a squirrel cage blower feeding into it so we can keep the fire going, and when we need that slower more powerful blast of air can just crank the buffalo blower:) and big thanks to you Dave it was watching your videos on youtube and reading some about you guys that really sparked this flame in me:)
  13. dnno either, but it would be much more flush than using a hardy to do a hot cut:-p lemme know if you want one and i'll build it. be some good metal practice hehe on the other hand i think it would be impossible to get it flush doing a hot cut. would have to saw it for a completely flush cut.
  14. we have a gas forge so no need to build one. just didn't know that a venturi burner type could create the proper environment. that being the case all i gotta do now is get me some good metal to start practicing some forge welding woohoo!!
  15. is something like this what you guys are talking about to get flush cuts? have the faces of the chisels reversedand barely offset to allow a cut all the way through. hot cutter.bmp
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