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  1. Nice job Wade, I really like the stand, knife too. I like knives better without the plunge line on the bevel. I think they look cleaner and more straight forward. Plus you don't have all the clean up and matching of the plunge on both sides. Anyway great job!
  2. Thanks guys, a old powder horn maker at a muzzle loader shoot told me it helps soften it in the boil and retain shape after dry. I don't see much difference but that's what I've done since he told me.
  3. That is a sweet little piece.
  4. Thanks guys, I boiled the horn in water, vinegar and teaspoon of veg. oil. Pressed between two boards in the vice for two days.
  5. This knife gave me fits. I tried to cheat on a few steps and the Knife Gods decided to make me have to redo it after breaking an inch and a half off the tip. Anyway my first frame handle and soldered guard. 1080 steel, wrought hardware, steel pins and bovine slabs, 5 1/2" from tip to guard with 3 7/8" handle. Probably going to do a rawhide sheath. Keith
  6. Congrats, lots of fun and laughs in that bunch.
  7. Thanks for the nice words guys. It feels good to be back in the game.
  8. Hi guys haven't been able to make anything for awhile due to my neck and back. Recently started feeling better a thought I'd give it a go. Hammered from a leaf spring, wrought iron fittings and leather grip. 11" o.a.l. 6.5" blade Regards Keith
  9. That is nice, one day I would like to make it to one of the hammer-ins. I bet they're lots of fun.
  10. Thanks for the comments guys.
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