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  1. Welcome from another newbie! That is awsome work, especially for your first blade, I've been makin blades for about 4 years now and they're just startin to look that good. What type of handle are you lookin to put on it? Keep up the good work, Chris
  2. Gorgeous blade, gorgeous handle, it just flows pretty darn near perfect. The only thing I was wondering is if its going to be a usable knife or just for show? I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but it looks like the handle could be a bit awkward to use, it'd look awsome though as a display piece. Very jealous of your skill over all
  3. I love that fur, looks kinda like the one I've got hangin on my wall
  4. I know I'm a newbie here...but I've been usin coal now for 6 years, sure it's a little bit harder to use, might not be quite as effecient or clean as gas. But in my mind I'm not in it for those qualities, I'm in it for the link to history..and cause I like sharp, pointy things I'd like to try gas one day, just to say I did, but I'm a coal lover all the way...plus I see it as a way of stickin to all the climate change folks ... but thats a compeletly different subject
  5. Wow, georgous blade. I'm curious about one thing though, where did you get the gator bone?
  6. Very nice, I like that second ones guard...might have to..erm.."borrow" that design If its ok with you of course Glad to see your back on your feet, good luck with the rest of your recovery
  7. Dang, thats awsome, thanks for doin that. I predict that I'm gonna be spendin WAY too much time there
  8. Wow...its just....just..just, wow. You sir, are an artist.
  9. I know nobody's posted in here in a while, but I just found it and had a quick question. I know somebody mentioned that they were gonna try a regular non-air compressor jack, but never saw anything about it afterwards. The reason I'm askin is that I've got an air compressor, but it only gets up to about 100 psi on a good day, and buying another one plus the jack really isn't an option right now I know it would be a little bit slower and more work than one with an air compressor, but it sure beats the heck out of doin by hand Thanks for postin so many great designs ya'll, definintly got me thinkin Chris
  10. Hey Alan, I know I'm a newbie too, but I went ahead and tried to make one, and I came up with the same message as Ken.
  11. Yessir Fotunantly I'm done with finals Tuesday night. So I'll have several weeks to practice. And while I agree that most of the time learning under the gun can be bad, I find I actually forge better when I know that I have to get it done by a certain time, other wise I'll see something that I don't like, and instead of just throwing it away or giving up, I'll force myself to do better, and learn how to fix it. And yeah, I frequently bit off more than I can chew...lucky for me I've got a really big mouth...when my foots not in it
  12. Wow.... *looks for jaw* I know its around here somewhere, I heard it hit the floor...Ah, there it is Absolutley amazing, when I can make knives that look like that I'll consider myself a bladesmith
  13. Very cool knife, still jealous of your belt sander tho As one newbie to another, after seenin it Tuesday, the only thing I would have done differently is put a couple extra layers around the front so that it blended better where the tang ends...If that makes sense
  14. Thanks Mr. Doug, everything I had read said that cable is the way to practice...oh well...I'm jumpin in with both feet as usual I'm sure I'll be tryin several before I get it right. Mr. Proff...yessir And I'm tryin to finish up my chopper too...and study for my trig test tomorrow, and then my finals next week...even if I start it after finals week I should be able to get it to him by christmas, might have to do express mail to Colorado though Little update, the metal store I went to didn't have the cable I needed, so I'm not sure where I'm gonna get it now On a good note, they did have the metal I needed to make my jig for doin the edge and taper, so I'll be makin that in between studying I'll try to get some pics up by Thursday or Friday Chris
  15. Howdy folks I've tried forge welding on and off for the past 6 years, without any success. I'd pretty much given up on ever figuring it out til I started stalkin...I mean, watchin this forum again. All those pictures of GEORGOUS damascus blades and hawks got me startin again. So after doin some research and watchin some more videos, somethin with *click*, the light bulb went on and I went "AHA, thats how its done" The next day I went out and tried it, and lo and behold, IT WORKED! I couldn't believe it My uncle gave me the Art of the Knife book several years ago for christmas, so I'm going to forge up a cable blade and send it too him as a thank you/christmas gift. I'm gonna be picking up the cable later today (hopefully) so I can get started on it in between studying for finals So, couple quick questions before I jump off the deep end: 1. I've read that when I'm welding cable to use a bottom V fuller to keep the cable together, but then most of the videos I've seen just weld up on the anvil. I know that everybody has their own way, and I need to see what works best for me, but what would ya'll suggest? 2. How many times would ya'll suggest folding the billet? I know after too many times the pattern'll be too busy, so I was thinking maybe twice? Like I said, this is for my uncle, so I want it to be as perfect as possible 3. I know cable is rated in "plowshares", and I know that improved and extra improved are best for blades, but which of those two are best? I've done a bunch of research on this and haven't been able to find anything I apologize ahead of time if any of these've been asked before and I was just livin' up to my hair color (blonde ) I'll post pics soon as I can, good excuse to use my moms fancy camera Thanks, Chris
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