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  1. I agree Ric -- prior art is meaningless on a trademark case. Microsoft owns the trademark of "Windows" in the context of a PC operating system. They don't own the blanket term. From my reading of Cold Steel's trademark, they don't own the term "San Mai". As Brian Dougherty pointed out, they own "San Mai" in a stylized font followed by three hash marks. By the way, Jay Neilson pointed out on the long Bladeforums thread about the C&D letters that he and the History Channel received C&D's after the recent airing of the Season 3 Forged in Fire episode where the challenge was a San
  2. I assume you mean that the Japanese smiths eschewing tempering is a myth. I water quenched a clayed 1086M wakizashi under Howard's watchful eye, and it easily skated a brand new file. We did temper it, but we're gaijin:) But there are several peer-reviewed Japanese journal articles studying the microstructure of antique katana, and they really are 60 - 63 HRc. A good example is: Study of Microstructure on Cross Section of JAPANESE SWORD, M. Yaso, et al, Department of Materials Science, Shimane University, Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hitachi Metals, Ltd. They section a 2nd genera
  3. I agree with everything you say, except the edge of a katana is as-quenched (not tempered) -- typically 60 - 63 Rockwell. It's brittle as hell, but just saying
  4. I'm going to be in Tokyo next week. Does anyone happen to know where I could buy a small quantity (maybe 50 - 100 lbs) of Hitachi White and/or Blue?
  5. The "Secrets of the Samurai Sword" was similar: the original BBC production is far better than the hacked-up version that NOVA broadcast. NOVA chose to replace scenes of the sword being forged and heat treated with superfluous seques with a female kenjitsu student and scenes showing her father swatting very slowly moving arrows out of the air that she shot in his general direction
  6. I noticed that as well -- I think Ric essentially made a Wootz Ulfberht sword Considering that the trade route described was with Iran, that's probably not far from true historical accuracy. The evidence seems to suggest that Vikings were trading for Wootz cakes, or something very close to it, to make the Ulfberht swords. By the way Ric: in the episode, what book are you using for the Ulfberht measurements?
  7. That's a drop-dead gorgeous sword! You should be immensely proud Ric -- what a fantastic achievement! Did it help having an ABS Mastersmith as your "assistant"? LOL!
  8. Gorgeous! I love the tombac -- never heard of that before. What's the ratio of copper to zinc?
  9. Ric and I were discussing the Ulfberht blades earlier last week -- apparently it's one of the earliest examples of a trademark: one conjecture I read was that "Ulfberht" may have originally been a brilliant smith, but it later turned into a regional (Frankish) brand, to the point that there were Ulfberht knock-offs! Like any great brand, the words were emblazoned (forge welded) into the blade with wire inlay. According to two of the scholarly articles linked off the Wiki entry, they were perhaps made in the Rhinelands and imported by the Vikings, which seems to be confirmed by both histo
  10. Hi Sam, do you have any more of the hammers chamfered like the bottom hammer in the 4th picture? Could you send me a picture of what you have left?
  11. Hi Karl, Did you put nickel in between the W2 and 416? You have a very crisp transition between layers. Normally you see the "faux hamon" from the carbon migration with stainless San Mai? Thanks, Robert
  12. Beautiful! How do you forge the meteorite into the Damascus? Do you forge the meteorite bloom into flat billet first? How much meteorite is there to W2?
  13. Understood Ric -- I read your previous posts about your frustrations - totally understand... Although, I think I'd have a better chance at success with a long, thin paperweight
  14. Wow, I know three of the attendees -- what's the chance? Hey Howard, Sandy and Anton! Any wootz cake/billet for sale?
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