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    building custom Tattoo Machines for the best artist in the world
  1. i hope to be contacting you tomorrow, maybe as late as Friday. but after all week long of looking at different grinder options the grinder in a box looks like the one for me. i found a motor online that im sure wont last forever but it will get me started until i can get better. here is a link http://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/Motors/AC_Motors_-_General_Purpose_and_Inverter_Duty_%280.25_-_300HP%29/IronHorse_%28TM%29_General_Purpose_AC_Motors_%280.33_-_300HP%29/Single_Phase_Rolled_Steel_56C_Motors_-a-_Accessories_%280.33_-_2HP%29/MTR-1P5-1AB18 with that motor several belts all the required wheels and a 6" contact wheel and i even got some buffalo horn shipping and everything will only came to about 906.00. i still need to get all the nuts and bolts and a cord but that puts me under my 1000.00 goal and i will have enough left over to buy some paint. maybe snot green???
  2. Cash in hand and ready to buy. dont wait to reply, i cant keep money long
  3. ok i have saved up 1000 to put into a knife grinder. i have looked at several things online and now im more confused than ever. should i go with the grinder in a box, or get the basic kmg and build from there or does anyone here have one they would sell? someone please tell me what to do.
  4. thanks for the replys. i only have one more question. what is cast antler?
  5. I have access to deer bone and antler. my question is how do you prepair it to be used for knife handles? also i have heard that the dust when cutting them is poison is this true? when you get dome making the handle do you need to seal it somehow? can the bone be buffed to get that brite shiney white? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. i wonder how many fingers that saw has claimed?
  7. It would probiley be easier to tell you what i do have lol. but here is a list of what i need. 1) i would like to have an anvil but it can wait. 2) good tongs. the ones i made arent that great 3) hardey tools 4) alot of knowledge 5) anything else that a noob mite use Thanks for looking Shawn Reed
  8. for what it is worth coming from a noob, thats a beautiful piece.
  9. who knew the accordian could be metal? i know what i will be listening to today
  10. i cant wait to go to Rockey Mount and meet everyone. maby i will get lucky and somone there will know where a good anvil is. i am relly in no hurry to find an anvil. i have never used a good one, so i dont miss it.
  11. thanks for the input. i think i will wait a while and see what else comes around. i should probily wait untill i have more knowledge and practice before i go and just buy one.
  12. i am looking to replace my 55# harber freight cast anvil. i have an old RR track anvil and a broken fork from a forklift that i use but i want a real anvil. does this one look like a good deal? http://asheville.craigslist.org/tls/2035810495.html
  13. Larry told me about this forum and told me about Rocky Mount. i hope to go visit him soon. I will be at Rocky Mount, i wish i had known about it before now. i dont know Matt Walker but i am looking foward to meeting as many local people as i can and learning as much as i can.
  14. Just thought i would introduce myself. My name is Shawn Reed i am a 35 year old motorcycle mechanic and paint man. i have been playing with a coal forge that i built for about 3 years but i still consider myself very new to the art. i have alot to learn about types of steel, temper, and technique. what got me interested in blacksmithing was when i was a kid and i saw some knifes that Larry Harley had made and sold to my dad. from then i knew i wanted to learn the trade, so about 4 or 5 years ago i finally got the internet and started watching videos on u-tube. then i built my coal forge. been playing with it for a few years, then last week i got a wild hair and orderd a new 3 burner gas forge. during this whole time i have been asking my parents to introduce me to Larry but they never seem to find the time, so i found him on the internet and e-mailed him and then we talked on the phone and he told me about this great forum. so here i am eager to learn anything i can. shawn
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